At Home Pet Allergy Assessment #petallergies

1x1.trans At Home Pet Allergy Assessment #petallergiesI received a free kit in exchange for an honest review.

1x1.trans At Home Pet Allergy Assessment #petallergiesFor years now we have known Jewel had some sort of allergy.  Every fall she would itch constantly, and develop scabs around her neck from itching so much. The vet would give her a steroid shot and she would be so much better within a few days. The vet said we could do allergy testing, but it was very expensive, and it was probably just something associated with our HVAC unit that was triggering it when the heat came on.  After a few years, we moved, and Jewels fall allergy wasn’t nearly as bad.

Jewel also gets feline acne on occasion.  The vet suggested we buy the circle acne pads that are made for very sensitive skin and use them on her face a few times a week.  It seemed to work, but we were never sure what was really causing it.

Lately Jewel has been losing weight but all her blood work and other lab tests came back normal.  We even checked her stool for parasites / infection and that came back completely normal. The vet suggested we try switching her food to a “senior” diet. Continue reading

E-Cloth Pet Grooming Mitt Giveaway

1x1.trans E Cloth Pet Grooming Mitt GiveawayGrooming Mitt Giveaway Sponsored by e-cloth

Hosted by Pea of Sweetness

Co-Hosted by Deals of Sweetness1x1.trans E Cloth Pet Grooming Mitt Giveaway


  • 1x1.trans E Cloth Pet Grooming Mitt GiveawayHere are some of the e-cloth Pet Grooming Mitt1x1.trans E Cloth Pet Grooming Mitt Giveaway features:
    • 88% Polyester / 12% Nylon
    • size: 11″ x 5.9″
    • Includes specially created grooming fibers to remove loose hair
    • Two-tone side
      • Brown and white side cleans and polishes – grooms away loose hair and debris from pet’s coat
      • Cream side great for gently grooming around facial area
    • May be used wet or dry; use wet for all over use at bath time
    • Quickly and easily removes dirt and mud from all sizes of pets and all types of fur
    • Makes hard to clean areas such as legs, tail and underside easier to do
    • Guarantee for 300 Machine washes

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Original Oil Painting Giveaway

1x1.trans Original Oil Painting Giveaway

Welcome to the NYC PetPortraits giveaway hosted by 

Housewife on a Mission and sponsored by NYC PetPortraits!

Do you have a furry pet in your family? Artist, Gillian Wainwright, who has exhibited in New York City, has a unique ability to capture the most beautiful moments (from your favorite photographs) of your pet. Gillian will take your photograph and create an original, custom
oil painting that is sure to capture your heart!

Her goal is always to create a personal and unique portrait of your pet, something truly beautiful that will have lasting value; not just as a beautiful oil painting of your pet, but as a work of art that captures the spirit of your pet and that singular moment that you will be sure to
treasure for years to come. Continue reading

Winters Coming! Upgrade your Moisturizer!

1x1.trans Winters Coming! Upgrade your Moisturizer!

1x1.trans Winters Coming! Upgrade your Moisturizer!

I received a free product in exchange for a review.
This post contains affiliate links. 

Working in a large print shop maintaining a level specific level is humidity in the air is important to keeping the presses running smoothly.  While it may be important, it doesn’t always happen. Often times, the paper sucks all the moisture out of the air and quite often my skin is left very dry.  Its worse in winter when the humidity level is very low due to the heat flowing through the building.

I was thrilled when Adovia offered me the chance to review their Daily Moisturizer Cream1x1.trans Winters Coming! Upgrade your Moisturizer! , for free, in exchange for an honest review.  I have reviewed many of their products before (Mud Shampoo, Sea Salt Conditioner, Mud mask, Mud Bar soap, Mineral Eye Gel) and each time have been thrilled with their product. Continue reading