ARM & HAMMER™ Clump & Seal™ Cat Litter Review and giveaway (#ad)

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Disclosure: I received free product coupons as part of this advertorial.

Clum_and_Seal_logoAre you one of the 77 percent of Americans that claim they can tell if someone has a cat just by the smell of their home? More  than one in three cat owners say litter box odors are more embarrassing for guests to notice than a clogged toilet. But now, cat owners no longer have to be worried by lingering odors ruining their home’s ambiance with new ARM & HAMMER™ Clump & Seal™ Cat Litter. It seals and destroys odors so they can’t spread throughout your home for a seven-day odor-free home – guaranteed.

They are so certain that you will love their new product, ARM & HAMMER™ is letting you try it risk-free! If you don’t love it, you can simply print out a form on their website and mail it in with your receipt and the UPC code from the box and they will send you your money back!  Right now they even are offering a $3 off coupon you can print out from their website.

Clump & Seal™ Cat Litter has breakthrough technology that forms a tight seal around odor and destroys it with powerful odor eliminators and ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda. Made with fine microparticles, cats will love the new, softer feel. In addition, the unique formula has low tracking and ultra-low dust to help keep floors clean for a happy, healthy home.

One thing I noticed right away after I poured a box into one of the litter boxes was that the texture of this litter seemed much finer than any other litter I have used previously.  It reminds me of sand.  When I was checking out the Clump & Seal™ Cat Litter website I saw they had an FAQ section where it explained that proprietary clumping and binding allows the micro-particles of this finer texture litter to coat the surface of feces and also to form very hard urine clumps. This unique, patent-pending technology seals in and destroys odors.Oliver checking out Clump and Seal

So picture this: I am already running late for work, but run downstairs to scoop the litter. Since I am rushing, as I am reaching to take the soiled litter scoop towards the litter locker I drop a massive urine clump.  I swear I watched it fall in slow motion. In that second it took to fall, all I could think was, “Great now I have to sweep up the crumbled litter and be even more late”.  Much to my surprise, the entire clump had stayed together.  Now granted It fell less than a foot, but still, I was impressed.

We have 3 litter boxes, and are only using the  Clump & Seal™ Cat Litter in one of them at the moment.  The cats used to use all three boxes pretty equally, but since we got the Clump & Seal™, that box seems to get the most use.  I’m not sure if it is because the litter feels better on their feet, or if it just smells cleaner to them.

I also want to point out that this litter has almost no dust, something that I know is important to a lot of cat owners.  I hate when I have a cleaned out litter box and I am pouring litter into it, and a cloud of dust rises up.  That can’t be good for humans or kitties to be breathing.


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25 thoughts on “ARM & HAMMER™ Clump & Seal™ Cat Litter Review and giveaway (#ad)

  1. candy kratzer wenzel

    We have 7 cats ranging in ages from 1 to 15yrs old and all rescues. My life would not be complete without these little buggers. lol

  2. Lindsay Giedosh

    I have a two year old Himalayan named Logan, a two year old Siamese named Vincent, and a one year old Bengal named Quentin. They’re crazy but I love them all and Logan is very near and dear to my heart

  3. Holly E

    I have 5 cats; all rescued from the Humane Society at different times. They are such great fur babies. I love how they all have different personalities.

  4. Sue E

    We have one cat & a dog. Our cat’s name is Mocha. Her mother was a stray that had 6 kittens in our neighbor’s garage & was killed. A few of the neighbors came to the kittens rescue, that is how we got Mocha. She is beautiful & very colorful. That’s why we named her Mocha. She really is a member of our family now!

  5. Colin Seiber

    After having disastrous results with Tidy Cats Lightweight, I too switched over to Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal. I too started out with it in only one box as I didn’t want to waste the old Lightweight litter even though my cats hated it as much as I did. The result…all six of my cats would only use the one Clump and Seal box, even though there were six other boxes in the house. And, most importantly, there were no more “accidents” on the carpet.

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  7. kelly mcgrew

    i have four cats – buddy, priscilla, chestnut, and pumpkin!

    Buddy and Priscilla are boyfriend and girlfriend
    Chestnut and Priscilla are girlfriends
    and Pumpkin is a human / dog lover so she’s a lap kitty!

  8. Dorothy Teel

    I have been following you on email, I have two cats Tory and Yeller, and your name reminds me of when my mom used to sign her letters to me, before she passed, she would sign “Me, him and the CAT” enjoy your blog

  9. Cynthia C

    My cat, Sophie, is a member of my family. She opens all the doors to my closets and cupboards and explores what’s inside.

  10. Cathy Truman

    I have one cat Jasmine she is a rescue, my Sister-In-Law save her.
    Her Mother got hit my a car and a big hawk took her brother, she was very tiny
    and sweet. My sister in law could not keep her she had 4 cats. We took her in
    and she is a good cat but she does not like our dog Bailey.

  11. Brutus Duffy

    I have 8 cats, all rescues (I’m a vet tech with no human children). They range from ages 2-15 years. My oldest is diabetic and only has one eye but is very spoiled.

  12. Vicki Andrew

    I have 4 babies although 1 is really my daughter but she know who pours the cream in this family. They each are different and have different territories and game plays

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