Bon Appetit Pet Placemat #bonappetitplacemats

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Bon+Appetit+Placemats+LogoDo you have a pet that makes a mess when they eat? All of my cats are kind of sloppy when they eat.  They tend to get wet food all over the floor! When I was approved to review a Bon Appetit Pet Placemat for free, for review purposes I was thrilled!

Bon Appetit Placemats are a stylish placemat for your pets food & water dish. They protect your floors from spills, and keeps your pets eating area clean.  The mats wipe clean with soap and water.  They have really cute designs, including Holiday themes.

We LOVE pets – they’re part of the family – so Bon Appetite’s mission is to provide all pets the recognition they deserve and ensure they all dine in style. With placemats for every occasion such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and more, you’ll find a unique option that’s just right for your pet, or for the whole family.Formal+Placemat+5+pack

These mats are 11×17 and made of a lightweight durable material.  It arrived in a large envelope that was crammed into my mailbox. As a result, there is a small crease in my mat that did flatten out over time.  The mat is lightweight enough for my cat to push it around on the floor when the food bowl isn’t on it – there isn’t anything on the back to give it any grip.


I know the mats have two plates printed on them, one so you can put their food on, the other the pets water, but we have water fountains for our cats throughout the house, so we don’t need a spot for a water bowl.  Also I noticed you would need small bowls, or the bowls will be placed too close to the edge, defeating the purpose of using a placemat.  Usually, we place the cats food bowl in the middle of the mat, so there is plenty of room on all sides.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Each mat retails for $9.95 unless you buy a value bundle of multiple mats.  I think that its a little expensive for a mat as thin as this one.  The designs are beautiful and will match any decor.

Disclosure: I received a free Formal Marble Placemat for review purposes. All opinions are my own and I was not obligated to write a positive review. 

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One thought on “Bon Appetit Pet Placemat #bonappetitplacemats

  1. CatOnymous

    Interesting. I’ll check these out.
    My cats are slobs. No matter how many times I tell them, they always take their food off the plate or ceramic dishes and eat it on the counter. And it doesn’t matter if I squoosh the food (canned only) or leave it in chunks. It’s just major messy and dirty and I don’t like it. I usually use Bia flan type dishes, because they push their food to the edges too. One cat takes a mouthful and seems to throw it in the air as he eats it. Of course a lot goes in the air and lands out of the dish.

    I ordered a bunch of paper tray mats to put under their food. I can bunch that up and toss it at the end of the meal. But this mat looks like I could just pick it up and rinse it off.

    Thanks for the info.


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