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Treat Your Cat This Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine’s Day, impress your kitty with a special treat from Imperial Cat’s collection of pawesome Cat ‘n Around Valentine’s Day toys.

Want to gift your sweet with something sweet? Imperial Cat offers Donut, Cupcake and Ice Cream toys that are sure to “cat”-ivate your kitty without the added sugar rush. A stuffing free Fuzzy Heart Duo is also available to make sure your kitty feels the love.

Imperial Cat sent me a Cat ‘n Around Fuzzy Heart Duo for free to review. Imperial Cat's Fuzzy Heart Duo in Package

This duo includes two plush heart toys. Each toy features a velcro closure for catnip refills. Included is a bag of certified organic catnip so you can add some to the toys after your get them home.   The bag of catnip is not resealable which was a little disappointing, so I put it in a ziplock bag to keep the catnip fresh.Imperial Cat's Fuzzy Heart Duo Catnip Continue reading

Our Cats Got a New Cat Tunnel for Christmas! #premiumcattunnel

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links

I am always looking for fun new toys for my cats.  Just before Christmas I was given the opportunity to review the Cat Tunnel Toy – 3 Way Fun Run at a discount.  I figured my cats would love chasing each other through it!

Collapsible 3 way tunnel has an irresistible center peep hole. A playhouse, box and shelter in one! It encourages curiosity, play, stalking & exercise, especially with treats and food. The
10″ tube diameter fits all cats, each leg is 22″ long with a sturdy steel sprung frame. It folds down to 2″ and 1.5lb for easy storage and transport.

This tunnel does make that crinkly noise that most cat tunnels make, especially in the middle section where the fabric is looser.


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Vbiger Outdoor, Cycling, Driving, Touchscreen Gloves #Review

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This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links

I am always on the lookout for warm gloves that have a little grip, and are touchscreen capable for tailgating.  Some gloves are soft, warm and have the touchscreen fingertips but whatever I am holding tends to slip out of my hand after a while.

I was approached by VBIGER  to do a review on a pair of their gloves for free.  I chose to review the Vbiger Outdoor Cycling Driving Warm Touchscreen Gloves in Grey2.

These gloves have stretch fleece, silica gel printing for grip, and conductive cotton so you can use your touch screen device.

I ordered a size large and am glad I did. My fingers are very long, and my fingers barely fit in these gloves. However the gloves almost seem a little baggy side to side, because my hand is very thin.  Vbiger-Outdoor-Cycling-Driving-Warm-Touchscreen-Gloves-in-Grey2-Back-Of-Hand Continue reading

BriaUSA Multi-Purpose #PinkVelvetHangers #Review


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I swear , no matter how many clothes we donate, or get rid of, we never have enough hangers. I hate wire hangers because they always leave my tops in a weird shape when they come off the hanger. But wire hangers are super thin so I can fit more in my closet. I wear a lot of tank tops under my clothes so I need hangers with either non-slip shoulders or notches to keep the straps from falling off.

When I saw that BriaUSA was looking for reviewers for their Multi-Purpose Velvet Coat Hangers Set of 10 Pink Notched Shoulders, Tie Rack & Swivel Hooks, I applied.  I had previously reviewed the BriaUSA Dry Wet Amphibious Hanger Set of 10 Pink with non-slip Shoulder Design and loved them, so I was eager to try the velvet hangers.BriaUSA Multi-Purpose Velvet Coat Hangers Set of 10 Pink Notched Shoulders, Tie Rack & Swivel Hooks

These hangers come in a 10 pack and have a slim construction that will save space in your closet. The notched shoulders prevent your clothes from slipping off the hanger.

I must have my tops all facing the same way in my closet, so I really love that the BriaUSA hangers come with a sturdy steel swiveling design that lets you easily maneuver the hook to whatever side you want it. Continue reading

MoodBliss Essential Oil Roll On Blend Review #moodblissoil

After a cluster of debilitating migraines last month, I decided to try diffusing essential oils when I first wake up, and before bed.  Not only did my home smell great, but it was helping! Whenever I take over the counter medications for my migraines, they just rebound the next day, creating a vicious cycle.  I have tried a few prescription medications for migraines but I was allergic, so I have been leery of trying other kinds. Meditation and yoga help but sometimes I just wake up in the middle of the night with a migraine, or it just hits me when I am in an otherwise good mood. Besides the migraines, I also have anxiety issues, so I am always looking for easy ways to calm myself when I feel my mind spiraling out of control.

When I was given the opportunity to try Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oil Roll On I was thrilled. I would have an easy way to take a calming Essential oil blend with me on the go!

Ingredients in MoodBliss Oil

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