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Beautiful Art from #FulcrumGallery – Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I received this product as part of an advertorial.

I have always wanted canvas art for our living room, more specifically, I wanted the art to have a giraffe in it.  I have a slight obsession with giraffes that stems from being made fun of in school for being so tall.

When I was given the chance to review a piece of art from  it didn’t take me long to pick out what I wanted. I immediately fell in love with the Ann Brodhead Safari Giraffe. safari-giraffe-canvas-transfer offers a selection of over 200,000 works of art, encompassing nearly every imaginable subject matter, and offers a range of value added services such as custom framing and canvas transfers. They ship to thousands of customers each month, worldwide and are a privately owned company operating in South Brunswick, New Jersey. also maintains a blog, and I was thrilled to see a feature on Giraffes!  You can use their website, their blog, or an number of art history sites to find out more about artContinue reading

The wait is over… Orijen Cat Treats are Coming!

Orijen LOgoFreeProductForReview

You might have heard of Orijen before, made by Champion Petfoods, but you have never seen Orijent Cat Treats before.  The wait is over, because pretty soon, Orijen Cat treats will be hitting the store shelves, and the kitties here at Me, Him and the Cats were among the first to try them! Having worked with they offered to send us these cat treats for free, for review purposes!Orijen Biologically Appropriate

Champion Petfoods uses only Biologically Appropriate cat foods, from fresh regional ingredients.  This means that the food mirrors the freshness and variety of meats that cats would naturally hunt in the wind and for which they have evolved to eat. Continue reading

Makeover Any Room in 2014 with GE reveal (#Sponsored)

GE-Lighting-Reveal-Logo-296x268Disclosure: The information and pictures in this post have been provided by GE.  I will be receiving some GE Reveal light bulbs, for free, to makeover a room in our home and to write a post about it.

We all know the holidays and New Years are the perfect time to consider a makeover. Did you know the quickest and easiest way to makeover your home for the holidays is with good lighting? With GE reveal® light bulbs, you can switch on the true beauty of life’s spaces and the people within them.

In 2014 I will be making over our man cave with new lighting courtesy of GE! I shouldn’t really call it the man cave, since my computer is in there too! Right now the lights are very yellow, and make the room seem sort of gloomy.  Since my computer is down there, that is where I take a lot of pictures for reviews, but I always have to edit them to take the yellow hue out.  My photos will come out so much nicer with whiter lighting!

Below are some photos of before and after shots: Continue reading

Beauty for the Wine Lover – deVine Lip Shimmers

Devine LogoAll natural – Alcohol free – Gluten free – Cruelty free Pesticide free Paraben free

#FreeProductReceivedI recently was given the opportunity to review, for free, one of deVines’s lip shimmers. deVine has created an innovative line of products that address beauty and health from the inside out.  A revolutionary concept, deVine has extracted all the powerful, nourishing benefits of wine grapes and infused it into its line.

Devine information Card #FreeProductReceiveddeVine features:

  • Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant containing phytoalexin (antimicrobial substance) found in the skin of red grapes
  • Grape Seed Oil, another anti-oxidant and rich in phenols. It’s a wonderful moisturizer containing a high content of Linoleic Acid, a fatty acid essential for cell membranes and skin health
  • Red Wine Antioxidants or Polyphenols, known to fight free radicals and help prevent cell damage Continue reading

Ever Need a Urine Sample from your Cat? (Kit4Cat Review + video)

How many of you have ever had to get a urine sample from your cat?  It really is no easy task. About 2 months ago, I noticed Oliver was acting different.  He was still playing but not as much and the clumps of urine were getting smaller in his litter box. It is hard to tell which cat did what in the litter boxes because we have 3, and they all sort of share, but that mothers intuition was kicking in.  I just knew something was wrong.

I stayed up all night with Oliver in the basement trying all kinds of fake litter to try to get a urine sample.  First I tried the plastic beads the vet gave me.  There were so few beads, even in the smallest box we had Oliver didn’t think there was any litter in there so he wouldn’t go.

Then I read online that you can used rinsed safflower seeds because their shells are hard and do not absorb liquids.  I happened to have a big bag on hand and tried that. Oliver sniffed it, and walked away.

Then I tried packing peanuts, cut up plastic drinking straws and clear plastic wrap over his regular litter, each in their own litter box. He refused all 3. Continue reading