“Cheezy” Moments With Your Cat #Giveaway (#Sponsored)

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This is a sponsored post, brought to you by TEMPTATIONS® 

TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats are already known as the drool-inducing treat that cats love. A shake of the infamous pouch bag is all it takes to make cats come running and get their mouths watering. Now, TEMPTATIONS is introducing an even more irresistible treat for cats – new Cheezy Middles™. These bits of kitty nirvana are a distinctive treat that offer great tasting, real cheese flavor paired with some of felines’ favorite flavors – chicken, tuna or beef. With a unique blend of a crunchy outside paired with a “pocket” of soft filling, nine out of 10 cats can’t resist TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats.

Capturing “Cheezy” Moments

TEMPTATIONS® knows that cats love “cheezy” treats – so much so that even the coolest cats can have their share of “cheezy” moments. Log onto Facebook.com/TEMPTATIONS (AD) to share a photo of your cat’s “cheeziest” moments. One lucky winner will receive a year’s supply of Cheezy Middles so the fun can continue all year long!

The fun doesn’t stop there though! They are letting me host my own giveaway! One of you is going to win a prize pack featuring TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats and other fun gifts for you and your cat to enjoy!

Jewel Cheezy Moment

To enter, just recreate this “cheezy” moment I had with my cat Jewel (pictured above), with your own cat!

Email your picture to Diane@MeHimAndTheCats.com by 11:59pm (EST)  on 11/18/13 and one randomly selected person who  recreated the picture above with their cat will win a prize pack, similar to the one below!

Sweepstakes Prize PackRemember, you are trying to recreate the picture above of Jewel giving me a kiss on the cheek with your cat.  Any photos your submit maybe be shared on this blog and/or our facebook page.


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5 thoughts on ““Cheezy” Moments With Your Cat #Giveaway (#Sponsored)

    1. Diane

      Meaning you don’t want to be in the picture, or you are always the one behind the camera? : )
      I took the picture of me and jewel myself using my phone because nobody else was home.

  1. Connie

    actually both 🙂 but for the purposes of the contest, I don’t take photos of myself.. aka I don’t want to be in the picture.. I’m ust that selfconcious.. (and I’ve already been stalked once on the internet, I don’t want a repeat)

  2. mindadale

    My grumpy cat, Panther, was not a fan of this contest. He is entering under protest (he does a lot of things under protest…it’s kind of funny). 🙂


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