Creative Memorial Ideas For Pets

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Creative Memorial Ideas For Pets


When a pet passes away, it can be difficult to find a comfortable way to grieve the loss. After all, a pet is a member of the family and deserves a heartfelt farewell like any other. Keep those important memories alive by establishing a memorial that reflects the unique personality of your pet.

A memorial can be a place, an object, or an action that helps you feel closer to the memory of your pet. We’ll help you come up with a few ideas.

Establish a Remembrance Spot

Did your dog have a favorite park? Did your cat love to look out a certain window to a spot in the yard where rabbits and birds like to play? Establishing a physical memorial can help you feel closer to your pet. Many people choose to plant a tree or garden as a symbol of everlasting life – a living memorial can provide food and shelter for other animals, sowing seeds to ensure continuity.

Other owners choose to invest in an engraved memorial stone; others prefer simpler touches like a wind chime. Some owners choose to establish a memorial spot by scattering the ashes of his or her pet there, but a sky lantern can create the same symbolism of release even if there are no ashes to scatter.

Keepsakes to Treasure

Pet toys, collar tags, and photographs are some of the items that a pet owner may decide to hold onto after the passing of a pet. These objects can renew long forgotten memories – but sometimes it can be tough to find a way to display these objects safely and respectfully. We love the idea of creating a memory box with a glass front, filled with your most cherished items.

Urns are another popular choice. Urns do not have to hold ashes, but they can. Many people choose to slip a meaningful note inside. There are many artists out there who take pet urns very seriously – you can find cat urns sculpted to look exactly like your pet, or a dog urn designed to sink into the ocean to pay tribute to pets that loved the water. There are just as many options for pets as there are for people.

Make a Difference for Animals

Sometimes the best way to honor the memory of a pet is to turn that love toward other members of the animal kingdom. You could donate a bench to a doggy park, or simply donate your stock of pet food or new toys to an animal shelter. You could symbolically adopt a local shelter pet in your area to ensure that somebody else gets a chance to love and care for an animal that needs it.

There are also simpler ways to help animals in memory of your own – you could volunteer your time to exercising or cleaning up after shelter pets, or donate your time to the care of service dogs in training. Many rescue and animal therapy organizations also need office volunteers to help process paperwork.

How will you honor the memory of your beloved pet? Keep your heart open. You’ll recognize the perfect idea when you see it.

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Crystal is a home maker and a part time blogger. She loves pet and is a proud owner of a pet cat, a pet dog and a pet parrot. Her love for the pets made her write this useful article for pet lovers.

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11 thoughts on “Creative Memorial Ideas For Pets

  1. pennymcdaniel62

    Wonderful post. I have a beautifully crafted box that houses the cremains of my two English Springer Spaniels, Sebby and Max. I put them in the same box since they were from the same litter. They grace my dresser in my bedroom. I’ve also included pictures of them from various stages of their lives and I keep their dog tags on my key chain.

  2. Mrscpkc

    I don’t have any pets but this is a great post on how to deal with the loss of something that is so very important to many families. A few of my friends have dogs and I know how much they value their extended members of the family and would want to remember and honor their memory if/when they pass on.

  3. Katherine

    What a great post. I’ve wanted to do something for a friend before but had no idea what to do. Awesome suggestions.

  4. Juliana

    I lost my first and only golden retriever of 11 1/2 years, last October and these are beautiful ways to memorialize her. I miss her so much!


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