Easy, Wireless Home Monitoring Is Here Thanks to Arlo!

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Arlo Logo with Cameras

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Whether traveling for work or vacationing with the kids, many people will have to leave their pets at home while they are away. As pet owners we want to know our furry friend is safe while we’re gone. Arlo is the first home monitoring system that is 100% wire free, indoor/outdoor, and weatherproof – meaning while away you can watch your furry friend in the house or out in the yard, regardless of the weather!  No wires mean you can mount them anywhere – no power cords to limit where you put them.Arlo In Box Netgear HD Cameras

I was given the opportunity to review the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System with two HD, Wire-Free, Indoor/Outdoor Cameras with Night Vision by NETGEAR for free.

Whenever we go away for more than a full day, my Mother-In-Law will stop by the house periodically to check on our cats.   Usually she reports that Oliver was hiding in one room or another because Jewel wouldn’t let him out.   When she isn’t there, we have no idea if the cats are being mean to each other, or getting along fine.  We have tried video monitors in the past, but they had to be plugged in, which limited where they could be placed. They also took a long time to get set up properly.

With an Arlo system, you’ll have everything you need to get started. Just connect the base station to your WiFi router, sync your cameras, fire up the free Arlo app (available on the google play store and itunes), and you’re done in minutes. It really is that simple! It only took me a few minutes to hook up the base station, sync both cameras and get them positioned.

Arlo Camera Mounted Facing EntrywayI absolutely love that you can move the cameras around as needed.  I didn’t want to permanently install the mount into anything so I used Command – picture hanging removable velcro strips to position one camera mount on the railing facing the entryway, and another to the down gutter in the backyard.  The cameras attach to the mounts using very strong magnets. Even though my package came with two cameras, they included 4 magnetic camera mounts so I can easily move the cameras  without moving a mount!

The next time we are out of town I will probably move one camera to aim down the upstairs hallway, and the other on the lower level hallway so I can see  which cats are hanging out in what rooms.

I have the Arlo app on both the iPad Mini as well as my android phone.  The app is surprisingly functional. It has all the same features as if you were logged on to the website from a desktop computer. You can view the live feeds of each camera, view the library of videos and pictures,  edit the rules and modes etc..

Alro Android App Library Alro Android App Live Feed

At first I had some trouble getting the different rules and modes set up.  I wanted the camera I set up in the backyard to always record, but at two different sensitivities. During the day I needed it more sensitive to pick up small birds in my feeders, but at night I needed it less sensitive so it would stop picking up dust/pollen/whatever was floating by the camera.  I also wanted to set up different schedules for when the entryway camera was set to record motion. Tony and I work different shifts, so for the majority of the day, someone is always home. I didn’t need the camera to record  the door when someone was home, awake – I only needed it to record when we were both gone, or both asleep.  A quick search of the Arlo community forums provided the exact answer I needed.  Within minutes I had a new schedule (mode) with the rules I needed.


The night vision works great on the cameras!

Backyard Picture Night Cam

We actually have no light on in the backyard at all, and it is still able to pick up the different bird feeders with ease!

I wish I could zoom in on just the bird feeders in the back yard without losing quality, but when I edit the viewing area, it seems as though the picture gets more pixilated. Perhaps I need to just play around  a little more.


I am on the Basic, free plan, but the Premier and Elite plans are pretty affordable for those with the need for more cameras, like businesses or those with larger homes.

Pricing as of 3/13/2015

Pricing as of 3/13/2015

Overall I really love the Arlo system. The system was very easy get set up and running. The few questions I had were easily answered by searching the community forum. It seems like every question gets answered quickly, and thoroughly. The apps send you push notifications when they detect motion according to your rules, and can even email you or whomever you choose when motion is detected. From the video library you can easily download or share videos and pictures.  You can easily change the sensitivity of motion detection, as well as the length of recorded videos from the app, or the website.

The only con that I can think of  is that eventually the batteries will need replaced, and they are not a standard size.  Some people might not like that it does not have any sound detection, but I really don’t need that feature.

Make sure you follow  Arlo on facebook, twitter and google+ for all the latest updates!

Disclosure: I was given an Arlo Home Security System with 1 base station and two cameras for my honest review.  All opinions are my own

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8 thoughts on “Easy, Wireless Home Monitoring Is Here Thanks to Arlo!

  1. Robin

    That is a very cool system! I can see how it would come in hand if you are away from your home a lot. It’s great that they even have a free version of their service.

  2. Fur Everywhere

    The Arlo system sounds really cool, and it’s a great way to keep an eye on your home. Do the videos have sound when you play them back or are they only visual?

  3. Talent Hounds

    What an excellent review! You certainly did your homework although these video devices sound very easy to use and cool. I’ll be sure to check out more of your reviews Thanks X Susie and Kilo the Pug

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