Fido Wants To Be Your Friend!

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pets are family

Cries of excitement and uncontrollable, heartfelt frenzies are heard from all over when a baby is seen dressed in a frilly, themed outfit.  Parents force their offspring into pageant-themed attire in hopes of pleasant reactions and compliments. If it were up to the child, they would run away instead of giving someone else the authority to pick out their clothing for the day. Just as toddlers everywhere must suffer this embarrassing feat, so must furry, four legged companions.  Cats everywhere are being dressed as furry princesses for Halloween. Pooches across the nation are wearing their best sweater when they’re taken for a morning stroll. There are salons for furry friends to get pampered, special vitamins for pets, gourmet diet foods, rain boots, and even special hotels for felines to enjoy a weekend getaway.

The line between being the human and being the pet is now wearing thin. In this modern day and age, it seems that more couples are opting to have pets as children, rather than a child of their own. As such, our pets are living much more glamorous lives, and being treated like spoiled brats.  There is no hesitation to dig deep down in our pockets in order to make our animal companions look good, stay up to date with the latest trends, and lead a healthy lifestyle.  According to a 2012 survey conducted from the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent an average of $52 billion dollars on their pets. It is estimated that $1,000/year alone goes into toys and entertainment per each pet. Even with a tight economy, pet owners refuse to cut corners when it comes to making sure their “kids” have nothing short of the best.

Along with all of the decadent treats, fancy toys, vitamins for pets, high end foods, and name brand outfits, the modern day now has a way for our animal pals to experience life on the world wide web! In fall of 2012 a new social media app was introduced for dog lovers everywhere. “Where my Dogs At” is an interactive web app from Better Pets Inc. that allows pet owners to check into locations by “marking their territory”, allows searches for the best pet-friendly businesses and public places, chat with and meet other proud pet parents, and post updates about what Fido is doing for the day. The “Where my Dogs At” app even allows pet owners to search for the perfect pet-friendly getaway while they are roaming out of the country!

Babies and children are battling it out with the dog to see who gets all the smiles, cheers, outfits, baby-talk, and best photo spot in the wallet (or wallpaper on the iPhone). There is nothing wrong with showing love, admiration, and respect for your pets. They are as much a part of the family as anyone else. (And often times, far less stressful than anyone else in the family!)  When the adoption fees are processed at the pound, make sure you start putting away cash for the college fund in the future.

By Julia J., a blogger whose black lab is her nonbiological son, complete with his own Facebook page and Twitter account.
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