Guest Post: Cleaning Different Surfaces

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The best time for you to wash windows is at a dark, cloudy day because there is no light coming through and there is no chance for the washing substance to get evaporated. In order to make sure that your windows are perfectly clear you have to use, first, something to wipe out the dust without making it fall on the rest of the window, second, something to clean the stains out from the window, third some sort of a cloth to dry the surface of the window so that no particles are left on the glass and fourth, something that will provide the glass with a shining effect. Usually for the first, the best choice is the vacuum cleaner, for the second-vinegar, for the third-cotton and for the fourth-wax. Finally, the fifth step is drying the windows and the best way to do that is by your dryer. Although make sure you clean it beforehand because either way you will have to wash all over again all the dust particles that were blown into the glass from the dirty dryer. If you want to clean any more serious spots on the window always count on alcohol. Remember, however, the alcohol shouldn’t be colored and the stronger it is the better. Put it on a sponge and let the sponge absorb as much as possible then employ it on the glass without spilling too much of it.

Cleaning Different Surfaces2. CLEANING MINOR ITEMS
In any home, especially around the Christmas celebrations there is always the problem of cleaning wax. Wax is difficult to get off the furniture especially if you forget about it and it stays there for more than an hour. It gets even more difficult if it falls on any sort of clothes. However, the key to handling such a tough stain is simple. Now, with hard surfaces you can take a little more risk. The very best way to remove hardened wax is by heating it up. Doing this to clothes however is much more risky so you will have to employ a more special combination -pick vinegar with water, or lemon juice with water and wash it thoroughly with the hottest water you can get your hands on. Another little but frequently present stain problem is connected with shirt collars. You can clean this with shampoo. Regardless of the material of the shirt, the shampoo shouldn’t leave any permanent stains on it. If there are any stains, just circulate the clothing through the washing machine and any stains will be removed. This next problem is for women mostly and this is the problem with combs and brushes. The easiest way to completely clean your comb if its overrun with hair is by using baking soda in combination with boiled water. Everything will be removed and cleaned and you can be even sure that if you choose to use the comb soon no hairs will get attached to it for a short period of time.

A very frequent mistake uninitiated people make is to leave stains on their clothes after using deodorants. These are visibly formidable stains but they are quite easy to wash if you use a proper vinegar substance. Cleaning glass surfaces is pretty much the very same as cleaning windows. Use the same five stages of the technique. An additional advice on cleaning glass is to use toothpaste because it is great for removing any scratches on windows.


This article has been provided by an office carpet cleaning service.


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