How To Make Your Eyeshadow Last All Day

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There’s nothing quite as frustrating as having your eyeshadow makeup look perfect when you apply it in the morning only to have it virtually disappear before lunchtime. You’ll find that you’ll quickly be wasting money on makeup that only lasts you a few hours as opposed to a flawless look that lasts you all day. By following a few easy tips, you’ll have an eyeshadow that lasts you from breakfast to bedtime.

A Solid Foundation

The first step to having your make-up (AD) last all day is to have the right products. Quality makeup goes a long way in giving you just the right color that you’re looking for. The higher the quality of cosmetics that you’re using, the more pigment there will be in the powder. While higher quality cosmetics will cost you more, it’ll be an even tradeoff if you don’t have to buy them as often. When applying your eyeshadow, start off with a clean palate. Use eye makeup remover to get rid of dirt, oil and leftover makeup. The closer to your skin the product sits, the longer it will last.

Next, you’ll want to use a cream-based concealer that’s roughly half a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. This will give you a balanced canvas where you can apply your eyeshadow and something for the eyeshadow to cling to throughout the day.

The Perfect Design

Apply your eyeshadow in the design and shade of your liking. You’ll have some room for creativity here. You can opt for a more demure and natural look, a bold look or an enchanting smoky look. In order to perfect this look, it’s best if you have the right equipment on hand. Quality cosmetics should be applied with quality cosmetic brushes in order to create a look that’s flawless and easy. How you’ll lock your perfect eyeshadow look in place will be determined by the hues that you select when you get ready to apply your eyeshadow. A large, clean powder brush and either blush or a clear powder will help you with this part. Blush can help you set your eyeshadow in place if you gently brush it across your eyelids, giving you a gentle and all-natural look. If blush won’t work for the look that you’ve got in mind, you can always use a translucent powder instead.

Get Tips From the Pros

For more ideas to make your eyeshadow last longer and for other looks that you can try out, look through high fashion magazines and learn from the best makeup artists in the industry. While you may not have the same products, equipment or experience as they do, that doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment until you find a way to recreate a look that’s all your own.

Other things you can do to get a more professional look include using an eyeshadow brush with a flat head to stipple on a high quality pigment with precision from your lash line to just past the crease of your eye. Be sure to press the eyeshadow on as you apply it as flicking it on will just make your makeup look translucent instead of giving it some pop.

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