INNX Canine Sofa Cover Review

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We recently had the chance to review the INNX Canine Sofa cover –  Anti Slip design  ( Size 69″ L74″ W, Tan color) for free.

It is billed as a great choice for families with children and/or pets because it will keep your furniture protected from stains, hair, and claw marks.  These covers are not designed to work with Leather, or leather-like couches. They also say that the advanced straps and anti-slip design keeps the cover in place.


The cover is very soft, and the color matched our décor.It covered our entire seating area, even with tucking the provided wedges in deep on all 3 sides.  I guess our arms of the couch are “puffier” than average because the cover only covered half of each arm.

This cover has a strap that goes around the back part of the couch to hold the cover in place. I think if you have a short back to your couch, you would even be able to tuck the top of the cover into the strap behind the couch.

The cover says anti slip, but when people sit on the couch, the back tends to slide down. I don’t know if this is because I can’t tuck the top of the cover underneath the strap, or If the cover just doesn’t “stick” to my fabric.  The strap  that goes around the back of the couch is adjustable, and can be hooked into on of 3 different spots on either side of the cover.


The seller says that you can wash it in gentle cycle and air dry, but they recommend you clean it with a wet microfiber towel or sponge. It makes me think it isn’t as durable as it looks, and maybe it wouldn’t survive many gentle cycles. However, it is going to be easier to clean this cover, than it would be to clean the actual couch.

Over all, we do like this cover, but it tends to look a little sloppy after we have been sitting/ laying on it for a while, getting up and down. With that being said, It is easy to fix and make presentable again and I really like that cat hair isn’t getting imbedded into my couch. We have 3 cats and at the end of summer they finally started shedding last winters coat. Our house has been a mess of cat hair.


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I was provided a discount code in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, and I was not obligated to write a positive review.

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