Jewel Got Very Car Sick

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Jewel Cleaning Her Paws at the Vet after getting car sick on the ride over.On Monday, Jewel and Harley had their yearly exam at the Vet. Even though Jewel hadn’t eaten in about 6 hours, she still got horribly car sick.  I put their carriers on the floor in the backseat. I heard her vomit within a few minutes of driving and just kept singing and taking normal to keep her and Harley calm.  I knew it smelled awful back there but I didn’t know how bad it was until we actually got to the vet. She was going crazy in the carrier as we walked in.  I explained she got sick and a the girl at the desk quickly offered to take her in the back and get it cleaned up for me.

Then I heard the water turn on.  And I heard Jewel go absolutely bat-sh*t crazy.  After about 5 minutes the vet tech emerged and let me know, that Jewel had not only vomited, but voided her bowels while in the carrier too.  Then she didn’t want to come out of the carrier so she laid down on the mess she had made.  Her last meal was salmon flavored, and the pink color had stained her white fur, so they were trying to get her as clean as possible, without stressing her out even more.

My Cat Jewel trying to dry herself off after getting car sickThe vet decided to let Jewel stay with the techs who were drying her off while she examined Harley.  Harley was a growling, hissing monster, who was mad at the world because I woke him up to bring him to the vet.  Most of his hissing and growling was directed at the wall, because Harley is a bit of a wimp and would rarely confront anybody.  When she was done with Harley she went to get Jewel. When she came back she had Jewel wrapped in a warm towel and Jewel was trying to give the vet kisses.  Then the tech came in with the disinfected carrier and gave Jewel a head rub which Jewel throughly enjoyed.   She went about trying to clean herself as the vet examined her.   She wasn’t pink anymore, but she stunk still, and she wouldn’t let them dry her belly or tail.

When we got home, Oliver was overjoyed that we were home.  Poor kitty must have thought we all ran away. Harley hissed at everything and then went back into his carrier (on his own) and took a  nap.   I use the SleepyPod Air, that I have previously reviewed, for Harley because it is easier to get him in and out of then a traditional carrier.  He seems to like how soft the bottom is.  Oliver, who has maybe hissed once in the year and a half we have had him, hissed twice during the day at Jewel.  It didn’t bother her one bit, in fact she didn’t even stop grooming herself to acknowledge Oliver’s hisses.

My Cat Jewel trying to clean herself off after getting car sickEventually Jewel finished cleaning/ drying herself and was begging to be held, like a baby.  She puts one paw on each side of my neck, and rubs her face under my chin.  She had a rough day so I obliged. She smelled better, but there was still a faint odor so I brushed her and used Pet Head Blueberry Muffin Dry Shampoo for Cats on her. I case you are wondering, I don’t think they make it anymore for cats, just dogs.  I had bought it on clearance a while back at Petsmart.  Like most cats, she doesn’t like things being sprayed on her, so I spray it in my hands and then pet her.  It has a the light scent of blueberry muffins, and thankfully she doesn’t seem to mind the scent.

Overall, they are both in good health, although they both have some minor tartar.  Harley is down from 16 pounds s to 12.5! Jewel went from 12 to 8.2 pounds!  That was over the course of about two years.

The vet said to try withholding food and water for 12 hours next time so that hopefully she wont get so carsick.  When she was younger, she never had a problem with being in the car, but the past 3 years she  gets sick every time.

Do any of your animals get car sick?  What tips do you have ?


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