Instant Action: A True LightWeight Litter Game Changer

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When Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance was first introduced, we were lucky enough to be one of the first to try it out!  Make sure you go back and read our review!

Tidy thought the LightWeight family could use a little speed. With half the weight and all the strength, LightWeight is now available in Instant Action!  I was lucky enough to get to try this formula out for free!

We were already buying Instant Action because of its tight clumps, and great odor control so we were eager to try the LightWeight version.

Tidy Cats Instant Action ComparisonLike the LightWeight 24/7 Performance litter, these plastic jugs come with two handles to make carrying and pouring a breeze. LightWeight Instant Action is 50% Lighter than traditional scooping litter and claims to be 99.6% Dust Free.  I do find that all lightweight litters, regardless of brand or formula do tend to be a little dustier than tradtional litters when you first pour it into the box.  I don’t really notice any more dust than other litters when I am scooping.  We have one covered litter box and three uncovered, with big litter catching mats around each box, and haven’t noticed an increase in litter or dust around the box either.

Tidy Cats LightWeight Instant Action is  available in these sizes:

  •  8.5 lb resealable, recyclable plastic jugs
  •  17 lb resealable, recyclable plastic pail

Tidy Cats Lightweight Instant Action Holding in AirI really like how much lighter this litter is compared to regular brands. It makes it so much easier to bring into the house, down the stairs and into the litter area.

Like I mentioned earlier, we were already buying the regular Instant Action because for our cats, it works the best.  Jewel doesn’t ever cover any “deposits” in the litter box so she likes the uncovered litter boxes which allow her to jump out whatever side she is closest to. So we needed something that has strong urine and feces odor control.   Harley likes to urinate up the sides of the litter box, and usually (thankfully) opts for the covered box.   For him we needed something that would clump tight, since his urine is typically running down the inside of the box, into the litter.  Oliver doesn’t really have any issues when it comes to the litter box.   Tidy Cats Lightweight Instant action has worked fantastic for us.  You can really feel the difference when you are scooping the litter, the clumps from the box with the Lightweight formula are noticeably lighter.

Have you tried this formula yet? What did you think?

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