Introducing Muse Natural Cat Food!

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Muse Facebook Cover PhotolJust like us, every cat has their own personality and, yes, at times can strut a little cat-itude. More importantly, our cats fascinate and inspire us. That’s why Purina has created Muse, a full mmmmenu of tasty food that is completely cat-centric. The line is exclusively offered at PetSmart, and you can check out all of the delicious and beneficial details of the Muse line here.

Every Muse recipe is made with natural ingredients plus essential nutrients giving your cat the nutrition she needs plus the taste she loves. Muse brings natural nutrition and amazing taste together, taking cat food to whole new, cat-worthy heights.

My kitties couldn’t wait for their free samples of Muse to arrive. The box that arrived was really cute and looked like a briefcase! Muse CaseInside was 3 plastic tubs of cat food, 3 cans of cat food, a bowl and some toys!

Muse Box Open with Toys shown

I decided to try the plastic tubs first.  I couldn’t believe what large chunks of food there was! Muse Plastic Tub food in bowls

I let Jewel use the new bowl that came with our free samples, and gave Harley and Oliver their food in their Go Slow Anti-Gulping Bowls.  Im not sure which cat got which flavor but Harley and Jewel DEVOURED theirs in no time at all. Oliver just sat looking at his for a while and eventually ate it all in one sitting, just much slower than the other two.  We usually feed them Paté or shredded food so maybe the texture threw him off a little. He isn’t used to this fancy stuff! Cats enjoying Muse Plastic TubsThe next day I let them try the canned food which was minced.Muse Cat food Canned in BowlsAgain, Oliver was slower than the other two, but they all finished their food in one sitting, and Harley and Jewel were looking for more. After it hit their bellies they took nice long naps.Muse Cat Food Canned Jewel doesn’t play much, and if she does it is with fuzzy mice, so I wasn’t surprised when she wasn’t interested in the Petlinks™ Fun Frill Cat Toys that came in the box. Harley and Oliver love batting balls around and had a blast  knocking them all over the house and down stairs! Oliver is pretty good at jumping up and catching toys too – Watch the video below!

Muse At Petsmart InstagramYou will only find Muse at Petsmart, so keep an eye out for them on your next trip!

Muse offers 18 delicious recipes that cats love.  They are available Broth, Paté, In Chowder and With Toppers.  New Recipes in Gravy are coming soon!  So their is a texture and flavor to please even the pickiest cats.

Some other great benefits are:

  • They are Grain Free
  • Real Fish or poultry is the #1 ingredient
  • No Corn, No Wheat, No Soy
  • No Added Artificial Flavors, colors or preservatives

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Google + MuseCatFoot

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned in this post and other compensation in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own. 

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