My Pinterest Recipe Success Stories #BlogBoost

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Here are some Pinterest Recipe’s that I have actually tried, and they came out great! Feel free to repin any of these to try for yourself and follow me on pinterest!

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I made these for Christmas and were one of my favorite cookies. So much so I hogged them for myself.  Tony thought they were too sweet, but I thought they were freaking amazing.  I *might* have enough white chocolate to make another batch!


Yeah, Nutella + No Bake = Deliciousness.  Mine didn’t come out as pretty as this picture, but I didn’t use an ice cream scoop either. I had honestly never tried Nutella before.  I now understand the phenomenon. Nutella is awesome!



So by now you have realized my love of no-bake cookies. These were really good too, but not as good as the above mentioned Cookie Bars or Nutella No Bake Cookies.  It could quite possibly be that it is because butterscotch isn’t exactly my favorite.  That didn’t stop me from eating them though!

Source: via Diane W. on Pinterest


These are so easy to make and came out really well! I used red and green for Christmas, but I bet you could find other colors to use for other holidays!


Tony actually made these for tailgating at the Buffalo Bills game. He made these beforehand, and then we cooked them in a glass pan on the grill. They came out PERFECT. They were such a big hit that our friends demanded them the following week! They are a little time consuming to make but one of the few things I say is worth it!


I actually made these for Thanksgiving. I made half with a red swirl, and half with a green swirl. I used store bought dough because I am lazy like that. I couldn’t find food coloring ANYWHERE so i used gel icing. The colors weren’t as bright as I had hoped but, it did work.

Source: via Diane W. on Pinterest


I couldn’t find the circle pretzels anywhere, so I used the square ones and it worked fine. I even experimented using the Hugs and Candy Cane kisses and they worked well too. These were a big hit at Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is time consuming unwrapping all the kisses but I love chocolate and pretzels together so it was worth it!


We love making these! They aren’t too much work and taste delicious!

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