Nature’s Most Powerful Cat Litter

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swheatscoop-logoWe all know the joys of cats: the funny moments, the feather toys, the chin scratches. We also know the less fun parts — namely, the litterbox. It’s dusty, smelly and filled with chemicals, but I recently got to try a new litter, for free, that brings a touch of nature to your litter.

sWheat Scoop, an all-natural cat litter made entirely of wheat, is introducing its strongest product yet: sWheat Scoop premium+. If you’re bitter about your litter, premium+ will be a great alternative to traditional clay-based cat litter.

sWheat Scoop premium+ is a first-of-its-kind, triple-action, odor-eliminating cat litter. premium+ uses the power of plant extracts to significantly enhance clumping and cutting-edge Noble Ion® Technology to stop litter box odor. By infusing wheat enzymes with Noble Ions, swheat_scoop_premium_orangepet odor biologically transforms into harmless, non-smelly molecules for a breakthrough in odor elimination. Finally, an all-natural cat litter that works like a cat litter should.

  • 2x more powerful odor elimination*
  • clumps 2x faster and firmer for easy scooping*
  • no added dyes, perfumes or dust
  • 100% biodegradable
  • purrfect for single- and multi-cat homes

*as compared to sWheat Scoop multi-cat | Noble Ion® Technology is a registered trademark of Zavada Scientific, LLC.

Let’s get scientific for a minute here. Traditional litter is made of clay that is processed through strip mining. This involves the removal of trees, shrubs, and wildlife to access buried deposits of the profitable materials underneath. So, you guessed it, strip mining is incredibly disruptive to plant and animal life in the area. On the other hand, sWheat Scoop is farmer grown, ground up and then bagged for purchase.

sWheat Scoop Premium + Box

As soon as our package arrived at the door I was impressed with the box.  First of all, it had branding, and second of all, I couldn’t hear any litter sliding around.  I can’t tell you how many times I either order litter online, or am sent litter to review and it isn’t packaged well.  All too often my front porch and front door area ends up with a pile of litter because the box or bag broke and litter is leaking out. due to poor packaging

As I opened the box I saw how much care was put into shipping this litter. There was foam blocks all around each edge.  Then the two bags of litter and a litter scoop were nestled inside a litter box which covered by a thick paper band.

Since they had provided an extra litter box, I used that to pour the sWheat Scoop premium+ in, so I could keep the other litter boxes with their old clay based clumping litter.

As soon as he noticed the new box, Harley was immediately curious. He walked over and started digging in it and sniffing it, but ultimately went in an old litter box.  The first few days it seemed the cats were primarily using their old litter boxes but now that it has been over a week, the sWheat Scoop premium+ litter box is getting just as much traffic.

Over the summer we turned my old office into a litter box room. We moved my office upstairs to a spare bedroom. The litter box room has two BIG windows to get fresh air, and the window sill actually wraps around the two exterior walls, so the cats have plenty of space to lay in the window and walk back and forth.  We installed a pet door so we could keep the door closed, but still allow the cats access.  swheat_scoop_premium_bagWe usually have 4 litter boxes in there, but the sWheat Scoop litter box makes 5. I usually scoop twice daily – once before I go to work, and once when I get home.   We also have an air purifier in there to help control any odor.

Overall I really like this litter. It smells like sweet bread, but it isn’t overpowering at all. The litter seems softer than clay litters. As far as odor control, it is hard to say since I did have the cats old litter boxes in the same area, but it didn’t smell noticeably worse.

One thing I noticed was that this litter actually stuck to the cats feces.  I had noticed with clay based litters that the litter didn’t really stick to my cats feces. Sure they would burry it, but when I would scoop it, the litter wouldn’t stick to it.  With the sWheat Scoop premium+, the litter stuck which I would imagine is providing better odor control since it is really covering the stink.  This litter has decent clumping ability, but I have used other brands that did clump tighter.


The biggest difference to me is  the fact that there was no dust.  A lot of clay based litter brands say they are low dust, and low tracking but the fact is they all are at least a little dusty.  There really was NO dust with this litter. It also doesn’t seem to get stuck between the cats toes – or if it does, it comes out before they leave the litter room.

One thing to be aware of is that my cat, Oliver, ate through the other bag of sWheat Scoop.  It didn’t look like he at much, but since there were multiple holes in the bag it appears he tried on multiple occasions.  Oliver loves bread, so much so we have child proof locks on our cabinets, and a pet gate across the kitchen to keep him out.  I guess he thought this wheat based litter was bread!

You can find sWheat Scoop products on Amazon, and at many other pet retailers in your area and online.

You can connect with sWheat Scoop on
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and youtube.


Disclosure: I was provided two bags of SwheatScoop Premium+ , a litter box and a
litter box scoop for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

I loved the personalized note from sWheat Scoop!



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