OkoCat Natural Wood Clumping Litter – Review

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This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.
I received a free box of litter in exchange for this review.

I recently had the chance to review ökocat Natural Wood Cat Litter. Okocat Natural Wood Clumping formulas are made from reclaimed fallen timbers and unused lumber materials. Okocat is a green way to take care of your cat’s litter needs. This litter is compostable , flushable and up to 100% biodegradable!

OkoCat Litter In HandOkocat is super absorbent – it absorbs 500% its weight in moisture. It also clumps very well . Unlike powdery clay dust that can have chemicals, additives, and synthetic scents that are harmful to cats, Okocat is completely free of additives and chemicals. It also creates little-to-no airborne dust, so those with allergies in your home will thank you.

The natural plant fibers in Okocat bind and trap liquids and odors so they can’t escape! We did notice that the litter box with the Okocat litter did have a fresher scent than the boxes with clay litter. Okocat is naturally antibacterial (coniferous wood fights bacterial growth).

I did take a few days for any of the cats to try this litter. I think the larger size of the litter was throwing them off. Now we are scooping the litter box with Okocat litter in it as often as the litter boxes with the clay litter in them. I think because this litter is so light, when the cats are covering their business, it easily flies over the side and ends up on the mats.  OkoCat Litter In Litter Box

Besides the rubbery mats we have around the litter box you can see in the picture, we also have a carpeted runner to catch any excess litter.  Usually we don’t see much clay litter on the carpeted runner, but we do find quite a bit of the Okocat litter on it. It could just be that the OkoCat litter is larger, so it is more noticeable.

OkoCat Litter On ScoopI was very impressed with the clumping ability of this litter, however because the granules are considerably larger than clay based litter, it makes it very hard to sift using our scooper.  The litter does clump very tight so I usually use the corner of the scoop to sort of roll the clumps to one end of the box so I can try to pick a few up at a time, while trying to NOT pick up clean litter.  There is hardly any dust with this litter which is a huge plus compared to clay based litters.  I really hate when you pour a clay based litter into the litterbox and a cloud of dust rises up to your face!

If you don’t see this brand in your usual pet store, give it some time as this line has just started launching in the USA.  It is available online from Amazon.com as well as a few other online retailers.


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8 thoughts on “OkoCat Natural Wood Clumping Litter – Review

  1. AlainaBullock1

    This sounds like it is definitely worth a try! I hate thinking about all the possible harmful ingredients that are in my cat’s current brand of litter, and this fits in well with our trying to live a more green lifestyle! I love how it is practically dust-free, and although it doesn’t sift well through your current scoop (thanks for the honesty by the way!), the benefits definitely make up for that!

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  3. Bertmeister

    I tried it and it was the worst stuff I have ever used! It is like spreading sawdust all thru my house! There was no weight to it and it was extremely easy to tip and added to even more mess!

  4. Rayann

    I tried it because I had a coupon for a free box and I like the idea of the lighter weight but not the cost. I will stick with the traditional clumping litter. This product does not control odor and is tracked all through the house. Extremely messy!


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