Enrich Your Cats Playtime with Purrk! Playfuls! #felinesilvervine #Sponsored

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This post is sponsored by Vitakraft and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Purrk! Playfuls, but Me, Him and the Cats only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Vitakraft is not responsible for the content of this article.

I am always looking for ways to enrich my cats lives, so when I heard about Feline Silverline, I knew it was something I wanted to try with my cats. Silvervine is 100 percent all-natural as it comes directly from the silver vine plant grown in the mountainous regions of Asia. Feline Silvervine is proven better than catnip; it yields a stronger response and increased playtime.

In a recent study by the University of Illinois, results show 3 out of 4 cats prefer Silvervine over catnip and engaged with it 2.5 times longer than they did catnip. Vitakraft is the first company to bring silver vine to cat products in the United States, through  their cat toy brand, Purrk! Playfuls.

The Purrk! PlayfulsToy line includes dangling Busy Bee and Bouncy Butterfly, free-moving furry Deep Sea Bug and Desert Bug, and plastic Marvy Mouse, Purrky Bird, and Frisky Fish with
Silvervine infused right in them. Feline Silvervine is also available in refill packets for
sprinkling on kitty’s favorite things.

Purrk! Busy BeePurrk! Bouncy ButterflyPurrk! Deep Sea Bug Purrk! Desert BugPurrk! Marvy Mouse Purrk!_Purrky Bird Purrk! Frisky Fish    Purrk! 5ct Silvervine

VitaKraft Purrk! Playfuls Toy AssortmentWe were sent two Busy Bees, Two Deep Sea Bugs and a Feline Silverline refill pack to review.  My kitties were very excited to get a present they could open before Christmas! Oliver started playing with one of the Bouncy Butterfly’s before I even got it out of the packaging!

I opened one of the Bouncy Butterfly’s up and Oliver immediately fell in love.  I really liked that the handle part of the dangler fits my TV tray table perfectly.  It will also fit on a door handle.  The bee floats kind of on its own, as the wire seems very sensitive to airflow in the room.  Oliver loves that when he bites the Butterfly it makes a crinkly noise, and the bell jingles as he swats at it.  Jewel and Harley enjoy the Bouncy Butterfly too, but whenever it is out, Oliver hogs it.

Here is a video of Oliver and Harley Playing with the Bouncy Butterfly

Oliver doesn’t really like catnip, in fact when I open our tin canister of catnip, he usually backs away.  Harley and Jewel love catnip but have opposite reactions, Harley just rolls around a lot after nip, while Jewel gets all paranoid and jumpy.  I was curious what their reaction would be to the The Deep Sea Bugs with silverline.

All three cats came running over when they smelled the packet that I opened to pour onto the Deep Sea Bug.  Oliver was the boldest and snatched the Deep Sea Bug  right from me and swatted that  toy all over the living room and kitchen.  I finally confiscated it from him so the other cats could play too, which made him very annoyed.

Oliver Playing with Deep Sea Bug with Silverline Oliver Rubbing His Face on Deep Sea Bug with Silverline Oliver Pounding on Deep Sea Bug with Silverline

Jewel kept trying to chew the pom-pom and bell off and did something she never did with cat nip – she rolled around on the floor while she swatted at the toy!    Its been a few days and the pom-pom and bell are still firmly attached, but I will keep an eye on it, because I wouldn’t want the bell to break off, and have one of the cats eat it.

Jewel Chewing Deep Sea Bug With Silverline Jewel Playing with Deep Sea Bug With Silverline


Harley just wanted to hold the Deep Sea Bug in his paws and lick it and rub it on his face.  After a few minutes he too was rolling around on top of the toy!

Harley Guarding Deep Sea Bug With SilverlineHarley Holding Deep Sea Bug With Silverline

Here is a video of Oliver and Jewel playing with the Deep Sea Bug

Purrk! Playfuls with Silverline a great way to enrich your cats lives, by adding more playtime.   You can just hold either the Bouncy Butterfly or the Busy Bee while you are watching TV  and your cat can go crazy playing with it!  I have been sprinkling silverline on our two cat towers as well as on some of their older toys, to breathe new life into them.  A little silverline seems to go a long way.  I do want to mention, the silverline is a smooth, fine, brown powder, so don’t expect buds or leafs like you find in catnip.

You can purchase Purrk! Playfuls on Amazon or use the Vitakraft store locator to find a store in your area.
Giveaway Purrk PLayfuls Silverline

One lucky reader is going to win a  Purrk! Playfuls Silvervine Refill pack and one Purrk! Playfuls toy!

This giveaway is open to residents of the USA only who are 18+.  Winners can only win one prize from all blogs participating. No purchase necessary.  Void Where Prohibited.


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21 thoughts on “Enrich Your Cats Playtime with Purrk! Playfuls! #felinesilvervine #Sponsored

  1. twolittlecavaliers

    Oh my goodness! It looks like they all love their new toys. I think Davinia might want in on the action too. I was playing the video and she heard the bell as Jewel was playing and she started barking and Indiana decided to join in. Indiana is a pretty quiet dog so something about kitty playtime must have gotten her attention. Two dogs that care less about toys with bells or squeakers interested in a cat toy. If I buy one and say it is for my parents cat does that count?

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  3. Ashley C

    I think my 9 year old siamese, Mya, would enjoy the Purrk!™ Playfuls Stimulating Cat Toy Frisky Fish. For some odd reason, she loves fish toys.


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