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Last month Sheba announced two new products – SHEBA Meaty Tender Sticks & PERFECT PORTIONS Cuts in Gravy Entrées. Made with real meat and individually packaged to ensure freshness, SHEBA is providing cat owners with new ways to feed and treat their cats.  Having worked with Sheba in the past, I was provided some samples in exchange for a review. Sheba Perfect Portions and Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks

  • SHEBA Meaty Tender Sticks treats are a premium cat treat made with real meat as the first ingredient – including beef, poultry, or seafood – and are the ideal size and shape to satisfy cats and give owners a way to interact during feeding. Meaty Tender Sticks have a suggested retail price of $1.69 for five, with 11-stick multi-packs in Chicken and Salmon for $3.29.


Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks Chicken Collage

All three of my cats LOVE these treats! Since trying them the first time, I pretty much buy a pack every time I go to the store. Harley usually carries his stick in his mouth and eats it away from the other cats. You can see in the picture above in the upper right corner him with his paw on my hand trying to get me to lower it enough so he could grab his stick!  I think we have tried all the flavors and the cats seem to love them all!

With 55 percent of cat owners wanting protein to be the primary ingredient in their cat treats[i], SHEBA® Meaty Tender Sticks are a healthy and nutritious treat made with real meat as the first ingredient– including beef, poultry, or seafood – and formulated without grains, artificial colors or flavors.  Each package includes five individually wrapped sticks. Cat owners can choose from five delicious varieties – Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, Beef, Tuna and Whitefish. Meaty Tender Sticks are the ideal size and shape to satisfy cats and give owners a way to interact with their cat during feeding.

I love that they are individually wrapped! I have had other types of treats feel somewhat stale even though I kept the bag closed.  My only gripe is I wish I could find the 11 pack of Meaty Sticks in stores near me! So far I have only seen the 5 packs.

[i] Mars Petcare, internal Habits & Practices study, 2014

  • SHEBA PERFECT PORTIONS Cuts in Gravy entrées provide cat owners with two individually packaged servings made with mouthwatering real meat soaked in gravy. Each PERFECT PORTIONS™ entrée has a suggested retail price of $0.79

Sheba Perfect Portions Cuts with Gravy Collage

Can I tell you how much I hate having half a can of wet food in our refrigerator? Yes we have the special can lid so It doesn’t spill but I swear the smell escapes it and makes our refrigerator have a slight cat food odor. Each of our cats gets half a 5oz can of food twice a day, so at some point, there is always half a can left over. However, since these portions are only  1.3oz. each, I would need 4 a day per cat, so it is not really cost-effective as a meal.  These do work for me as a “snack” for Jewel around midday when she begs for food.  These single portions are the perfect size to give her!

I know I didn’t blog much over the summer, but here is a little background of what happened with Jewel.  Jewel was constantly begging for food, and she was throwing up clear liquid a few times a day because she would get herself so worked up. She also was having frequent diarrhea and her weight loss was quite noticeable. We had to get a pet gate to block off the kitchen because she would literally pace the kitchen all day, and become sassy when you went in and didn’t feed her.  We brought her into the vet and they did a full blood workup and exam.  Her blood work came back great, but the vet was concerned with how much weight she had been losing. Doing an intestinal biopsy was an option, but at her age, we decided it was too risky and opted to try medication for IBS. Within a few days of the medication she stopped vomiting,her stool became more regular and she was starting to relax and go sleep in her huts. Shes been done with the medicine for a while now and all her issues seemed to clear up and she seems happier and more playful. She still begs for food sometimes and the vet told us it was ok to give in as long as she didn’t start gaining weight back too fast.   Jewel has reclaimed the cat tree as hers, and is back to sleeping in bed with us most nights.  We keep the gate blocking the kitchen open most of the time, unless there are dirty dishes in the sink – which seem Irresistible to Jewel.

SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ Premium Patés, which we have previously reviewed,  was the first in the wet cat food category to provide cat owners with the convenience of two individual and separately sealed servings – one on each side of the package – to ensure a fresh feline meal every time with zero messy leftovers to be refrigerated. The introduction of the Cuts in Gravy entrées give owners a meaty texture option in succulent gravy to appeal to their cats.


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