How To Slim Down An Overweight Dog

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How To Slim DOwn An Overweight DogGuest Author

Like humans, some dogs are naturally skinny and some dogs are a little overweight. If you have an overweight dog, it’s important you try to slim them down to better benefit their health and give them a better opportunity for a longer life. The following are seven ways that you can slim down your overweight dog.

1. Talk with your vet.

The very first thing you should do if you’re concerned with your dog’s weight is to talk with the vet. They will be able to provide you with sound advice and great tips to help you get your dog to shed pounds in a healthy way.

You should also talk with your vet about your dog’s weight issues to ensure it’s not a sign or symptom of an underlying health problem.

2. Cut out treats.

If you give your dog treats on a regular basis, it’s time to cut them out of your dog’s diet. These treats are simply extra calories that your dog doesn’t need right now, and cutting them out can help you slim down your dog’s weight.

3. Cut out table scraps.

If you have a tendency to allow your dog to finish off your food, stop. Giving your dog human food could not only be dangerous, especially if you give them foods they shouldn’t eat, but it could also be adding extra pounds. Make sure that you stop allowing Fido to eat the leftover dinner and instead keep them eating their own food.

4. Watch how much food you give them.

Every dog food bag contains a chart that describes just how much food your dog should eat per day based on their size. Make sure that you are only giving them the desired amount of food. If you are giving your dog more than what’s recommended, you’re adding to their obesity. If you have questions about how much food to give your dog even after checking the chart, talk with your vet about it.

5. Change their food.

There are some dog foods out there that are dedicated to weight management.Nutro Ultra Weight Management Dog Food is a great choice to help your dog lose weight, and there are others out there. If you don’t know which one is best, talk with your vet about it and see if they have any recommendations. Then, make sure you always stick to the recommended amount to help your dog shed the pounds.

6. Get them to exercise.

Along with cutting out extra food and changing diet, it’s also important that you get your dog to exercise. Take them for walks, bring them to the dog park, have them play catch or fetch with you in the yard. Do whatever you can to get your dog active and exercising. The more they exercise, the more successful they will be at losing weight.

7. Don’t give in.

Your dog is going to beg you for snacks and table scraps, but it’s important you don’t give in to their puppy dog eyes. Remember that you’re doing this for their health, and use that as a motivator to stay on track.


Dr. Andrew Webber is a retired veterinarian and writer who is passionate about promoting pet health and safety through his written works online.

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