It is #CatVsMouse with the Snacky Mouse for Cats!

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Mars Petcare’s Temptations brand, known for the treats cats can’t resist, is introducing a new, first of its kind cat toy, Temptations Snacky Mouse. Snacky Mouse provides cats with an interactive bottom-weighted, mouse-shaped wobble toy designed to dispense Temptations treats as cats bat, bobble and play with it – making playtime irresistible!

The Temptations Snacky Mouse™ Toy comes with a 0.42 oz pack of irresistible TEMPTATIONS® cat treats in the Tasty Chicken Flavor. This toy is available nationwide at mass retail, grocery and pet stores for a suggested retail price of $6.00.

When I got home from work I saw the box had arrived, and I quickly opened it so my kitties could have some fun! Once I opened it I realized just how spoiled my cats are. Inside the first box, was another box! Like most cats, my cats adore boxes.  That would have made them happy enough but the inner box was wrapped in special Temptations wrapping paper! I knew Oliver and Harley would love hiding under it and tearing it up. Inside the box was tissue paper which is great for rolling around in and making lots of noise, the Snacky Mouse, more Temptations treats, a USB drive and a magnet!

Harley was the first to want to play with the Snacky Mouse. He kept pushing it all over the floor, getting excited each time a treat fell out!



Eventually Harley got all the treats out, without letting his brother or sister have a turn playing with it. I figured when he was napping the next morning I would let the other two try it.  Jewel was eager to try the next day.  She kept trying to use one paw to pick it up thinking the treats would fall out that way. Eventually she got the hang of it, but I still catch her picking by sticking her nails in the spots the treats fall out.


Oliver was the most skeptical of this toy, which was quite surprising considering he is the scavenger when it comes to food.  It took him a while to figure out how to get treats out.  He doesn’t really use his paw, he just uses his nose to push the Snacky Mouse all over the room.

We pick the Snacky Mouse up when we go to bed otherwise we will hear one of the cats playing with it during the night. To be fair, we have all hardwood floors ( and tile in the kitchen) and I am a VERY light sleeper. The cats seem to want to play with it even when it is empty, because they thing more treats will magically fall out if they keep playing with it.

For more details on the Temptations Snacky Mouse, visit

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