Introducing New Temptations Tumblers Cat Treats (#Giveaway)

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This is a advertorial provided by Temptations.

TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats is introducing NEW TEMPTATIONS TUMBLERS™ – a delicious treat innovatively designed for owners to toss and roll, which instantly gets playtime rolling. TEMPTATIONS TUMBLERS™ spark spontaneous fun and encourage cats to “Play Ball,” providing cat owners with a new way to bond with their cats every day.


TEMPTATIONS TUMBLERS™ come in two tantalizing flavor combinations – Tasty Chicken & Turkey and Savory Salmon & Tuna – and are available now nationwide at mass retail, grocery and pet stores for a suggested retail price of $1.89 for a 2.47 oz. bag. For more information, visit Tumblers Cat Treats

Before we were approached by TEMPTATIONS®  to write this post, we had already tried these fun, new treats!  The cats love them, and I love that they get to chase the treats around the kitchen floor. As always, I make my cats sit in order to be fed.

3 Cats waiting for TEMPTATIONS®  Tumblers

Oliver sat perfectly still this time. He REALLY wanted some treats!

Just before I was about to drop the treats, Harley decided he REALLY wanted the Tumblers right away.

 Harley trying to steal Temptations Tumblers Cat Treats

“I NEED dis NOW!” – Harley

After the cats sit patiently for a few seconds, I just drop a few treats on the floor so they roll in all different directions, causing the cats to chase after them.

Cats Chasing Temptations Tumblers

Sometimes all the cats go chasing on treat, other times they all go after ones in different directions. Harley and Oliver are a little more aggressive with “hunting” the rolling treats than Jewel, so sometimes  I have to just put hers down in front of her, or take her in another room.

Do you want to get playtime rolling in your house? Enter to win a prize pack from Temptations!

Temptations Tumblers Giveaway




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60 thoughts on “Introducing New Temptations Tumblers Cat Treats (#Giveaway)

  1. Dorothy Teel

    Well Tory is out on the front porch watching the birds and bugs, and Yeller, he talks to us when he sees a bug, and it is so funny, they are both great cats and a lot of fun and companionship.

  2. Cheryl Reinhardt

    I have 4 Cats…..Mortimore, Milly, Squirty and Ziggy……. they are all rescue animals and we love to spoil them with treats and lots of love!

  3. JL Reed

    Currently we have one spayed female domestic long haired cat that is 7 years old. We are considering adding a new kitten after the first of the year to our family.

  4. ellen beck

    Today I will tell you about one of the 6- he is the ONLY on purpose cat. He was adopted by us from a shelter about 6 years ago now. He is specil needs but smart as w whip. His name is Spyder. He is currently laying on my shoulder maing it hard to type.


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