Tidy Cats LightWeight Review (#FreeProductReceived)

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Me, Him and the Cats received preview of a product, service, or topic mentioned in that message.



In a recent survey, approximately one in three cat owners said they would rather clean a toilet bowl than carry heavy cat litter. Sound familiar?  I have found your solution. Tidy Cats recently sent me a free container of Tidy Cats LightWeight for free, for review purposes. This litter may be a lightweight (it is literally 50% lighter than regular cat litter ), but it has all the strength you need in a litter.

Here are some pictures of the box the litter arrived in – It was so creative!

Tidy Cats LightWeight review #Sponsored

Tidy Cats LightWeight: Its So light You Have to lift it, to believe it!  #Sponsored

Tidy Cats LightWeight: All the Strength half the Weight!  #Sponsored

ContainerThe first thing I noticed after realizing how LIGHT the container was, was that the container had two handles.  I could be wrong, but I think this is unique to Tidy Cats.  There is the regular handle at the top, next to the opening, and then another on the side that makes it super easy to pour into the litter box.  It is simple innovations like that really appeal to someone, like me who is maintaining three litter boxes. I really appreciate how lightweight this litter is since all three litter boxes are located in our basement!

I have worked a lot of overtime this summer, and I knew I was overdue for what I call the “Monthly dump and scrub” of the litter boxes.  I finally found a time to dump out all the old litter, disinfect and clean out the litter boxes and give this new litter a try.  The kitties don’t really have assigned litter boxes, but they do each have their preference.   We had previously tried using Tidy Cats Glade™ Tough Odor Solutions formula in all the boxes and Oliver showed his displeasure by finding other places to go to the bathroom. We quickly switched his box to a different litter.  We think the scent was too strong for him, however the other two cats, Harley and Jewel did not seem to mid one bit. We loved it because it kept our laundry room, and the adjoining Man Cave smelling wonderful. I figured I would make it up to Oliver by putting the Tidy Cats LightWeight in his litter box.

I am happy to report that we haven’t had any complaints from Oliver, or any of the other cats for that matter!  When you are scooping the litter you really notice how light it is.  We have tried other “light” litters before and while they felt somewhat lighter when you are carrying the container around, I never noticed a difference when scooping the litter. When scooping the Tidy Cats LightWeight the litter feels so airy and light, but it still clumps any waste tight.

Tidy Cats LightWeight in Action #Sponsored

Some of the features of this litter include:

  • Continuous odor control
  • Light, tight clumps for easy scooping
  • Powerfully absorbent
  • 99.9% dust free  <– We found it very noticeable how much less dust there is compared to competitors!


 This product is not in stores yet, but be on the lookout for it this fall!

Free Product Received for Review Bottom

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55 thoughts on “Tidy Cats LightWeight Review (#FreeProductReceived)

  1. Jeff Miller

    I bought it at target. I think it’s a complete fail. First, it is light. The guy at the check stand almost fell over because he thought he was going to be picking up a much heavier container.

    Since I have a bad back, I loved the idea. No need for two handles, if anything they should have two handles on the regular stuff.

    That’s where the good part ended for me. It’s 50% more cost per volume (not weight).

    The biggest problem is that because its lighter, more of it gets tracked out of the box. Not good for my hardwood floors.

    And then,it sticks to my cats feet, who tried to lick it off. The crunching sound when the cat tried chewing it away, and the subsequent vomiting from ingesting it… Well can I just say BIG FAIL.

    1. Em (@emily040282)

      My cat also vomited after I tried using this. The other was fine, so it appears that it isn’t going to cause that in all cats, but if I’d read anything like this before buying it, I probably wouldn’t have wasted the money.

    2. Ryan

      I am having ZERO of the problems you describe and all of the success touted by the company.. This product is easily the greatest invention in the cat litter world and it saddens me to no end to hear that not everyone is having the same experience.. Every time I scoop it’s a joy, there’s no smell in the house anymore, less dirty litter in the litter room and the cats are completely fine and happy.

      1. Diane W Post author

        I HAVE found that when I purchase the giant box from Sams Club it is pretty dusty, but the smaller “jugs” don’t seem to have the same problem. Not sure maybe it has to do with a different packaging process between the big boxes vs. small jugs.

    3. Jane

      my cat died a few weeks after I bought the litter. I thought she was just old. Now I wonder if the litter was the problem since I read so many posts on this. Maybe there is an issue with older cats or all cats. Does someone have any literature on the risks of this litter?

  2. Diane W Post author

    Besides the tote lid, you can see in the picture, we also have a few old doormats surrounding the litterboxes to help trap litter as the cats walk away. We haven’t had any problems with our cats vomiting because of ingesting the litter, but obviously that would be a problem. We have been buying this kind at Sams club in bulk, so the lighter weight is definitly a plus to me, since I am the one who has to bring it down to the basement and take care of the litter. Sorry that it didn’t work out for you Jeff!

  3. Susan

    This litter sticks to my kittens feet. He is young and often urinates on his back paws. When this happens, he comes out of the litter box with his back paws heavily encrusted with this lightweight litter. He tries to lick it off and the saliva from his tongue melts this litter into a paste. If this paste dries on his feet, then he cannot loosen it himself and I have to soak his back paws in water to remove it. I had to stop using this product. I am sad about it, because I have problems lifting heavy items.

    1. Diane W Post author

      Oh no Susan! That’s not good! Are you having trouble with other clumping litters, or just Tidy Cats Light Weight? You might have better luck with Yesterdays News which is pellets, or a non-clumping litter.

  4. Henrietta Berroteran

    It’s a fail for me as well. The positive is the light weight but it ends there. It states it is 99+% free but it isn’t. Even when pouring it into the litter box I have to hold my breath because the dust is so bad. My furniture was covered in dust after a few days. I thought I might have had a bad batch but I am now in to my fourth container and the results are the same. My cats feet are covered in dust when he exits. He sneezes all the time when he uses the litter box. I have combined it with half clay litter by Tidy Cats and it helps with the dust but I’m defeating the purpose of this litter. I won’t be purchasing it again.

    1. kathleen

      I totally agree-it is not dust free. just pouring into the litter box made me cough. It also left a dust film everywhere. I threw it away, will gladly carry the heavy cat litter!

  5. grannygoodpaint

    I have two large kittens (10 months old) and bought this light litter because carrying the 20 lb box of litter was too much for me. (I found using an old luggage carrier helped a lot). I loved how light this litter is and it doesn’t seem to stick to my cat’s paws….BUT….I am constantly cleaning out the litter box due to odor! In that respect it isn’t working for me at all. Even litter box deodorizer isn’t helping. I never had this problem with the Arm & Hammer litter I was using.

  6. bri

    Sucks! It sticks to the cats paws and even with a litter catching mat outside of our box it ends up all over my house. Will never buy again!

  7. Caroline

    This is just awful news. I may as we’ll not even open the one I bought. I don’t want my cat sneezing and getting his paws covered in this stuff. Not even going to try it with these terrible reviews. Should have read them before buying,

    1. Diane

      I still haven’t had a problem with it sticking to my cats feet. Does everyone that is having problems have long hair cats? I know Jewel doesn’t ever cover her business in the litter box, so there is no way it could get stuck to her paws, but it honestly isn’t sticking to the boy kitties feet – and Oliver it would be obvious – he has white paws.

      1. Natalie Shands

        Yes!! All of these problems I am reading about I’m having. Just bought it last month, my cats don’t use it as much (they like to go outside like dogs and come back in) but we’ve had cold weather lately and don’t want to go out, and I became concerned at my older cat who started using anything but the box. Then he was getting sick. When I noticed the litter encrusted on the bottom of his paws (on the bed, with litter in my bed) I made the connection. Threw the whole litter box out and bought a new one. I pray he feels better soon.

        1. wolvy

          I hope you cat is feeling better! My cat has been sick for a couple of months, and after the vet told me the only other testing they could do might be in the 500-1500$ range, I started thinking of what the heck else might be causing his problem. I, too, noticed the litter residue on his paws, and little footprints outside the closet where his box is…so I just emptied out 90% of this lightweight litter and added the ‘regular’ tidy cat. Hopefully this will make a difference.

          Please let me know if your boy is better – I really hope he is.

    2. Ryan

      Dont’ worry, there’s no problems here with anything any of the other people reported.. sometimes I swear these negative reviews come from the competition and not real people because this product is truly a miracle

      1. Diane W Post author

        I noticed the bigger the box I buy, the dustier it is, but it hasn’t stopped me from buying it at all. I still have never had it stick to my cats paws.

  8. Judith Evans

    This new “light weight litter” is A JOKE! First and foremost the DUST content is ridiculous! I have never used cat litter that puts off sooooooo much dust! It is choking when scooping the cat box!

    Second, the “light weight” is worthless because it does does fall off the cat’s paws, thus they jump out of box and litter is all over the house from what is left in their paws!

    Third, IT DOES NOT absorb the odor like the heavier litter does!

    Fourth, it costs over $5.00 more than the GOOD/EXCELLENT Heavy Tidy Cat Scoopable multiple cat litter.

    This light weight litter is a joke and I have returned the unused container and replaced my original good HEAVY litter with hardly any dust, stays in the box and not on cats feet and covers the odor excellently !

    I would never recommend that nasty light weight junk to any one!

  9. Cheryl Elliott

    Cleaned litterboxes. Poured i n Tidy Cat Lightweight litter. Clouds of dust. I have two adult cats. This litter has been tracked all over the house. I am dumping this out and going back to heavy litter, arthritis and all!

    1. Ryan

      way way WAY less dust than traditional litters here.. Are you just dumping the whole thing in as quickly as possible because a steady pour from my bucket doesn’t kick anything up at all

  10. Kimberly Miller

    This is also a big fail for me. I have cats that are sensitive to dust and this litter is really bad, it is all over my himmy’s feet, I have to wash her feet almost every day and it stinks! I’ve never had a problem with “cat” odor in my home and now I do. It is also all over my floors.

  11. H. Burrowbridge

    HORRIBLE!! Sounds good in theory doesn’t it? I have never seen so much litter all over the floor, EVERYWHERE! Also, because it is so lightweight the cat actually tipped over the litter box getting out of it because there isn’t enough weight to it to hold it down! Scared him to death and we were so afraid he would stop using the box. I immediately bought the regular litter and replaced the other lightweight litter, what a nightmare.

  12. Rita S

    Same here, it sticks horribly to our cats feet, dust when you pour it out. It may be lighter but it is in her bed, all over house, carpet. I was buying it once a week to replace because it clumps up so fast. Done, not wasting anymore money on it. Ridiculous that it is so much higher and less benefit other than weight!

  13. Chelsea G

    We have had the same issue with the litter sticking to our cat’s feet. I am finding litter everywhere. Will be using this product up and going back to my old litter. It may be heavier to carry, but I am not finding it on my bed!

      1. Ryan

        Not experiencing any littler being tracked around and our cats’ paws have never smelled so fresh.. I honestly wonder if these negative reviewers are using the same product that I have here

  14. Carrie

    I just came on here to read the reviews and I’m so disappointed. We currently use a great light weight cat litter by Fresh Step called Fresh Step Natural Scoop. We love it! No dust, odor control is great, and is light weight. The problem? It’s very hard to find (even online) and the only place that sells it is a local pet store by us and it’s totally overpriced there… $12.99 a bag, and we have 4 cats with 5 litter boxes! We probably buy 3 – 4 bags a month though as it does go a long way.

  15. Nicole

    I was super excited about this litter when I saw the commercials but I have yet to purchase it. The comment here have made me decide not to even try it. I have enough problems with my cats tracking litter everywhere as it is. Also, the cost, from what others are saying, isn’t worth it. Sadly, I will be passing on this product an sticking to the store brand clumping litters (Publix an Target brands are the absolute BEST).

    1. Ryan

      None of the negative comments here are legit from what I can tell so don’t be put off.. We bought our first box of this 2 weeks ago and i swear scooping the litter is actually fun now because of how amazing this stuff is.. Little to no dust, it clumps so tight and it feel slike your scooping air. No tracked litter around the house, no smell on the cats paws and the house is fresh. Either the negative comments are paid by the competition or they are using a different product because I have no idea what they are talking about

      1. John

        Ryan, who are you to question these folks? Most of the negative reviews of this product sound like they were written by actual people who have had negative experiences with the product.You, however, do sound alot like a company spokesperson. Most of the real people posting thier experience with the product, both positive and negative have posted ONCE. You, however, have posted numerous times. Makes you look like a paid reviewer.
        BTW, we’ve tried the product, and although the lighter weight is a plus, we find it messier, dustier, and not worth the almost double cost.

      2. Carla S.

        Ryan, I see that you keep replying to everyone’s messages. I purchased this litter about two months ago. I have a cat that is 10 years old that has vomited maybe twice in all of that 10 years. He is brushed regularly and never has hairballs. Since I starting using this litter, he has projectile vomited roughly five times — I mean a cup or more food and liquid. I realized tonight that the only thing I have changed was the type of litter. It tracks from his boxes in the basement all through the house so it sticks in his paws. I use Tidy Cats, but not the lightweight. I have changed out his two boxes (which both get cleaned daily). I am hoping that he will not get sick again. I checked his paws tonight to be sure nothing is in his paws – he vomited all over my guest bed and covered a 3 square foot area on the wall next to the bed. I will report back to let everyone know if this was actually the culprit which I guess that it is.

        1. Diane W Post author

          As our girl cat, Jewel has gotten older, she has started vomiting more. She is about 11 now. We switched her to a “senior” food which is gentler on a cats digestive tract which seems to have helped a lot.

          Oliver recently started vomiting which is very unusual, but it turned out the Prescription dry food that he was on for his recent bout of crystals was causing him to be constipated. We almost rushed him to the ER vet, but we gave him some pumpkin, and hairball medicine and he was able to start having bowel movements again.

          After two years I still can’t believe how much traffic this posts gets. We still buy Tidy Cats lightweight, along with the other varieties of Tidy Cats. We do like the Arm & Hammer clump and seal as well, so it depends on what is on sale.

          We also realized Oliver does not the smell of the Tidy Cats 4-1 variety. It does have a strong perfumy scent but it doesn’t bother our other two cats at all.

  16. Colin Seiber

    Tidy cats lightweight litter is horrible. The dust has permeated my entire house, especially downstairs where we keep the litter boxes. Everything is covered with dust! When I scoop, I always have a coughing spell afterwards. I cannot imagine what this dust is doing to my cats lungs. One of my cats, though I have yet to figure out which one, has decided enough is enough, and has taken to using the carpet as a litter box. There will be no more lightweight litter in this house.

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  18. Ryan

    Judith I would have to ask if your comment is a JOKE? There is no little in my house from this, there is no odor because of how tight this clumps and there is definitely NO dust compared to other litters. I sometimes wonder how much the competition pays people to leave reviews like this

  19. Caroline

    All these bad reviews on Tidy Cat (light weight) makes no sense to me. I am very pleased with it. It has less dust and it is Tidy as it says. My cat has never exited the box with anything on her paws. If you have not tried it you might do so.

    1. Diane W Post author

      It has been almost 8 months since my original review, and I too have never had the kitties exit the litter box with litter stuck to their feet. Jewel and Oliver have white feet, so I would notice the litter easily. I feel a little crazy that so many people hate it! I will admit that the bigger the box I buy, the dustier it gets, but I wouldn’t say it is any worse than most litters on store shelves

  20. Ryan

    Colin I work for 12 hours a day literally 10 feet from the litter boxes and there’s no dust anywhere in my office, there’s no smell there’s no anything. I find it crazy that someone like yourself can have such a different experience here but this new lightweight stuff is like a miracle in our house. Always clean and fresh, clumps tight, no dust and no smell.

    1. Colin Seiber

      Ryan, I am happy Tidy Cats Lightweight works for you, (although I find myself scratching my head wondering how). I wish you continued success. Meanwhile, my downstairs carpet is so stained from the Tidy Cats rebellion that we have decided to tear out the carpet and replace it with linoleum.

  21. CatOnymous

    Thanks everybody. Your information and experiences are very helpful to me.

    I have 5 Big, big litterboxes (I get them 20-21 inches high whenever I can find the bins at Walmart) because I have one elevator butt male who goes over the side if it’s too short. I want the litter to be 4-5 inches deep. I will not cover the pan because I think it’s unhealthy for them to inhale the dust–better to both have none to inhale, and let that disperse in the air.

    Over the years, I have used virtually every litter made, and some are too odorous and get ammoniated quickly. Some, at least one cat turned off to after a year (corn) and started using a rug instead. Most are ridiculously dusty and lay down a coating of dust on everything so I have to clean every single thing in my house, not just the cat bins.

    My requirements are:
    cats like it so they use it
    scent free
    dust free (well, as close to possible)
    not horribly trackable (I realize some will always happen)

    One cat has been okay with occasional use of a senior, little sand-like crystals, but the feeling is weird to the others (that’s what they told me).

    Ever since getting rid of the corn-litter (I forget the name) (I never used the wheat product because it ammoniated fast) I have used the red-bag (now box) of Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract. It’s very heavy, and I need at least 100 lbs of it to fill all the litter pans. I do keep them for about 6 months between scrubs (i replenish to keep up the depth). Cat Attract is lowest of any I’ve dust, great on scent and very scoopable. All my cat’s love it. I love it.

    BUT it’s freakin HEAVY. And they recently changed to very awkward 20 lb boxes from the bags (or 40lb bags). I don’t have anyone to help me (I’m tough and strong, but really getting older), and I’m getting annoyed with the changes. The box is not well-thought-out.

    That said, reading the above reviews, I think that I’ll stick to the Dr. Elsey’s. I just ordered the 100lbs from Amazon, so at least they’ll get it to my door and all I’ll have to do is bring it in and pour it in.

    By the way, another good site about litters and food is catinfo.org. So glad to have found this site and will continue to check it out.

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  23. Diana Irving

    My cat also vomited after using this and the smell of his vomit was awful,and the vomit was black,I noticed that if any of the litter drops in his water dish it turns black,not the water

    but the granual,this stuff can’t be good for cats,they must swallow it when cleaning their paws,and if the granules turn black in water it they must turn black inside of the

    cats stomach,and his vomit was like a black paste,if anything happens to my beloved cat because of this litter I will be devastated,I am a senior citizen and can’t afford exorbitant

    Vet bills.

    1. s siebelts

      I found your post because my poor cat has been now been to the vet 3 times in 3 weeks – she was lethargic, vomiting and seemed to have an obstruction. It wasnt until i realized that the reason she was licking herself all the time was to get this litter off her paws and fur. Dumped the litter…Awaiting xray results but seriously worried about irreversible damage. I hope your cat is doing better.

      1. Diana Irving

        My cat was fine as soon as I got rid of the litter that made him sick,he was back to his usual mischievous self by the next day.I hope your cat is soon feeling better,I am not using any of the clumping litter.I hope your cat is better soon

      2. Diane @ Me, Him And The Cats

        I hope your cat is doing better, and the X-rays are void of anything serious. We still buy this litter and still haven’t had any issues. We moved into a new house and use half the laundry room as the litter box area. We have almost the whole area covered in litterbox matts – not the kind that have the nubs sticking up, but the kind that are more squishy and have what feels like rubberized hairs to catch the litter. we don’t have a problem with the cats tracking the litter as the matts seem to brush it off their paws.

  24. judith

    This stuff is terrible….I’ve had indoor cats for 40+ years, and I have NEVER had so much tracked litter or dust in my house as I have had in the last 10 days since I switched to it. Even with a rug in front of the box which usually does a fine job of catching any bits of other litters, I have litter in and on my bed, all over the house within as little as a couple hours after vaccuuming.
    It’s terribly dusty when I pour it into the box or scoop, and it doesn’t clump well, either …the urine soaks down to the bottom of the box and makes a big gooey dark grey mess.

    I really am a legit reviewer.

  25. Ruth

    I found the problems commenters had to be true. On top of the being so much more expensive, it doesn’t last as long. Figure on buying twice the amount you would normally buy. Awful stuff!

    1. Tammy

      I have bought the best for my cat with cat food and vitamins. I decided to buy this litter and I noticed he was throwing up after he gets out of the litter box. Now it’s every day he throws up, I’m throwing this away! It’s not worth it..

  26. Dee

    We used this only briefly; we bought a giant box once and will never again. We had to use over twice as much, and in the time it took us to run out of the blasted stuff, it got tracked over every carpet in the house. This litter literally caused us to replace a carpet because we couldn’t get it out of the carpet in the upstairs. The litterbox is downstairs, and they could still carry that much with them despite going across a litter mat, 20 foot of rough concrete, and up a flight of stairs. Add that to the random vomiting from licking it off their feet, and that carpet had to go.


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