Top 3 Smartest Animals

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We all know that most animals have some degree of intelligence because they react to things we do. One thing that has always puzzled me is how smart they are. Can they do basic maths and other task just as good as humans? We have all tried teaching our pet cat or pet dog tricks using cat or dog food treats as a reward but these animals are on another level all together. In this article I will show you the Top 3 Smartest animals hopefully after reading this post you will want the number 1 smartest animal as a pet but I don’t think they sell them in a Pet shop.

#3 Elephant
When I have went on a safari in South Africa I noticed how smart animals actually are but the elephant tribes amazed me. They have a matriarch who is the leader of the tribe and everyone respects her and does exactly what she says. They form society’s within the tribes just as humans do in towns it really is fascinating.

Elephants are not just big animals they are quick elegant and cultured. They are known to clean their food before the eat and they also use tools the way humans would use in the wild. In captivity they respond brilliantly to humans. They develop bonds and are very caring and empathetic to member of their group.

#2 Dolphin
Most people have only heard of Dolphins or seen them in an Aquarium. Have you ever wondered why dolphins are always the star attraction in Aquariums all over the world? It’s because they are smarter than most other animals in the world. Dolphins are very social animals and like to seek praise. Dolphins can be seen doing all sorts of tricks such as Surfing, Leaping, Spinning, Whistling and Leaping so generally they are having fun.

Dolphins have their own language which humans are starting to understand more and more everyday. Dolphins can learn an impressive variety and amount of commands when trained by humans. Just like all other smart animals female dolphins protect their young for many years teaching them the ins and outs of the dolphin life.

#1 Chimpanzee
The smartest animal of all is the Chimpanzee. These chimpanzees have massive intellectual abilities, which have fascinated humans for centuries. They are so primitive just like the cave men; they can make their own tools to help them hunt easier when they hunt collectively. They have great problem solving skill some of which are better than humans.

They communicate to each other but they can also learn sign language to communicate with humans. They can even remember the sign they learnt for a human who they haven’t seen in years.

Why they top the list for me is because of their use of symbols and objects. They use these symbols and objects in a sequence to convey very complex ideas. These intellectual gifts are central in the social tree in the chimpanzee groups. They form bonds with one another and follow a strict hierarchy structure. These highly intelligent animals are also very entertaining and are always playing tricks and having fun with one another.

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5 thoughts on “Top 3 Smartest Animals

    1. Diane

      My cats are pretty smart too – or maybe just spoiled : )
      Harley ( The grey tabby) will go in a bedroom and push the door closed when he wants to go to sleep and not be bothered!
      Jewel will stare at you until you invite her to come lay in your lap. If you ignore her for a long time she will start tapping you with her paw – as if to say “excuse me, im waiting”!

  1. lizandrashaw

    I think we’re going to find out that dolphins are at the top of the list. Because of their environment they are limited in their ability to use symbols, thus their superiority over the chimp in language. Because of their body design use of tools is limited, but I suspect that once we’ve done more study we’ll learn that they do use tools with their mouths. Anyway, it’s just a feeling I’ve had all my life about them. I wish we knew more.

    I have two dogs – one is smart, but becomes dumb if there is food involved. The other is dumb as a rock all the time. Having said that, Dogs would win a loyalty contest any time, and there is value in that. I love my boys!

  2. Cher

    Great post, I have 3 cats a dog and chickens, my cats are the best, they are definitely smart & spoiled – LOL – they know what they want when they want it and how to get it! I read a book once called cats to train their owners it was so apt!
    I swam with dolphins, they reach right into your soul – all animals ROCK! We have much to learn fro them 🙂


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