Tuttorosso #TheRightSpoon Giveaway! #FreeProductReceived

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Tuttorosso spoon#FreeProductReceived

Tuttorosso will be giving away 3,000 wooden spoons until November 12, 2013 at  http://www.facebook.com/tuttorossotomato — to celebrate the nostalgia and heritage of the wooden spoon in so many classic tomato-based recipes (chili, soup, lasagna, manicotti, salsa, etc.).  One grand prize winner will receive one Tuttorosso personalized heirloom wooden spoon and a 6-piece signature cookware by La Creuset!

As you may know, or perhaps have experienced, wooden spoons are often handed down from generation to generation — and are the preferred tool by professional chefs since they are soft, won’t scratch, don’t remove heat out of sensitive recipes and have a high heat tolerance.

The Tuttorosso brand is owned by the family-owned Red Gold company.   Red Gold has been around since the 1940s and has been focused on growing local in the Midwest where true seasons impact the flavor of tomatoes. The Midwest, while it’s cold in the winter, has the perfect growing season for tomatoes, perfect angle of the sun, perfect temps — and even the winter is perfect for tomatoes, as it breaks up the soil for tiny root systems. Few places in the world can you grow such tomatoes.

My fathers parents died when I was really young, so most holidays and family get togethers were spent with my mothers family.  They were of Irish and Scottish decent so making sauce never happened in our kitchens.  Corned beef and cabbage, meatballs, blood and black pudding, sure, but sauce makers, we were not.  My neighbors across the street grew tomatoes and made their own sauce that they canned and used throught the year.  When it was time to make the sauce, the entire family would show up, meaning cars were lined up and down the street on both sides.  Their house had two kitchens, and I suspect they had to use both when it came time to make sauce.


Shortly after moving in with Tony he told me he was going to make sauce.  I informed him you could just go buy a jar at the store. He proceeded to use canned sauce, paste and crushed tomatoes along with lots of different seasonings to make his sauce.  He added homemade meatballs and some whole sausage to give the sauce more flavor.   Ever since then, the only time we buy jar sauce is when we are planning on making mozzerella sticks, and we are using the jar sauce as a dipping sauce.  At first Tony used to supervise me whenever I made sauce, he probably didn’t think an Irish/Scottish kid could make sauce.


Its been almost 10 years, and I have been making sauce now without supervision for years.  It never comes out exactly the same for me because I use different spices or different sausages each time, depending on what I feel like.


Recently Tuttorosso sent me a wooden spoon for free, in exchange for helping them promote their giveaway. I already had a bunch of Tuttorosso sauce and crushed tomato cans on hand so it was the perfect opportunity to make sauce. Today I am making sauce with hot Italian sausages, lot of garlic and a touch of other seasonings – it is my first time using a wooden spoon!
I did a little research and found out some great benefits of using a wooden spoon:
  • It’s strong  enough to stir thick things without breaking
  • It’s soft so it won’t scratch the finish on most cookwear
  • If you are making something that is sensitive to sudden temperature change, a wooden spoon is perfect, because it is insulated and will not suck the heat out of our food.
  • It has a high heat tolerance and won’t melt if it rests on the side of a pan or stirs something really, really hot
  • The properties of wood make it naturally anti-bacterial.
  • Food does not stick easily to wood because wood has tight pores.

Why do you like using a wooden spoon? Do you have one that has been passed down from generation to generation? Are you a jar sauce family – or do you make your own? Feel free to share your answers below!

Tuttorosso has graciously offered to give away one more wooden spoon to one of my readers!  Just use the giveaway tools form below to enter!



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47 thoughts on “Tuttorosso #TheRightSpoon Giveaway! #FreeProductReceived

  1. Rhonda S. Tenderholt

    Unfortunately, we don’t have any heirloom anything. Would love to start this wonderful tradition. Thank you for the giveaway.

  2. Kim-Bloggity Blog

    I had some that were my grandmothers but I used one to spank my son when he was about 2 (he is 29 now) one day we layed down to take a nap, I was awoken by hearing a snapping sound. I went to investigate and there was my little 2 year old breaking my wooden spoons. I felt so bad that we tossed the spoons and I never used them again in that way. It’s sort of a sad/funny rememberance!

  3. Wehaf

    I don’t know of anyone in the family who has an heirloom wooden spoon, but many of us use wooden spoons and utensils in the kitchen.

  4. KatieK

    Beautiful spoons. Grandma had one that granddaddy had whittled. To my chagrin, she threw it out one day as “too old-timey”!

  5. Ellen Harry

    I also do not have an heirloom wooden spoon however I wish I had one. I love to cook and a good wooden spoon is essential.

  6. susan smoaks

    i don’t have one and i haven’t ever known anyone who had one. this is really the first time i heard about it.

  7. Trisha McKee

    Not exactly. my gram always had wooden spoons. It’s one of the things I remember and cherish about time spent with her in her kitchen.


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