What To Do If Your Dog Is Attacked By Another Animal

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No matter how hard you try to protect your dog, there is always the possibility that they will be attacked by another animal. Coyotes have been known to snatch up smaller dogs, and other vicious dogs have been known to attack other dogs for no reason.

While no dog owner ever wants their dog to be attacked by an animal, it’s important that you know what to do in those situations in order to try and save or protect your dog. The following tips and information can help you be better prepared.

Stay calm.

Obviously, you’re going to panic, but it’s important that you try and stay calm. Most dog-on-dog attacks sound worse than they actually are. No matter what type of animal is attacking your dog, though, you should never try to intervene or fight off the other animal with your own arms or legs, as this could result in serious injury to you.

Make a loud noise.

One of the first things you should try and do is make a loud noise by either yelling or clapping your hands. This could distract the animal from wanting to fight, and it could even scare them off enough to run away.

Wedge something between them.

If you can, try to wedge something between the dog and the other animal, such as a large stick or piece of wood. This can often separate the animals long enough for the other animal to lose interest in your dog and run away.

Spray them down.

If there is a hose nearby, spray it at the attacking animal. Water with strong force may be enough to deter the animal from its attack. Another good idea is to carry a bottle of vinegar with you when you’re out walking with your dog or to keep one handy in your yard. Vinegar will irritate the eyes and nose of animals without causing long-lasting injury, and spraying the attacking animal down with vinegar can get them off your dog. Some people even bring pepper spray or mace with them when they go for walks with their dog and use them if their dog is being attacked. While this can be effective, it is possible that the spray can get into your dog’s eyes or even your eyes.

Aim for the eyes.

If you’re trying to fight off the other animal with a stick, it’s important that you aim for the eyes. This would be the most delicate area on the attacking animal, and once they’ve been hit in the eye, they may become distracted enough (or hurt enough) to run away. Along with the eyes, aiming for the mouth and nose can also be beneficial in keeping your dog safe.

Take precautions.

The biggest way to protect your dog is to take precautions. Make sure that your yard is fenced in order to keep animals out of it. Never leave your dog outside alone for extended periods of time, especially smaller dogs that have a harder time defending themselves.

If you’re taking your dog for a walk, avoid making eye contact with stray animals, bring a water bottle or pepper spray with you, and don’t take paths that could be potentially dangerous.

1x1.trans What To Do If Your Dog Is Attacked By Another Animal

Jacob Wagner is an avid pet writer and owner who can be found blogging about anything from pet safety instructions to great dog training collars designed to protect your dog from hazardous behaviors.

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  1. ruthhill74

    Important things to remember. I was attacked by a dog–horrible experience that happened right inside my home. But this is important to realize if your dog gets attacked! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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