19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Winter Wonderland

  1. Holly @ Woman Tribune

    The winter weather has been terrible here this year. We have had nothing but snow and ice for weeks, and it finally broke today and the several inches of snow on the ground has melted. The snow didn’t look nearly as pretty in my backyard as it does in your pictures. Oh if only I didn’t despise winter so much…

    1. Diane Post author

      This photo was taken a week ago and it has been so cold and icy none of it melted until today! We hit 60* so im sure flooding is going to be a problem because of all the melted snow!

  2. Kay M.

    Beautiful! but you can keep it! LOL! I had enough snow the 7 years I lived in New Jersey to last me a lifetime. I love living in Southern Texas, where we pretty much have only two seasons, lol.


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