World’s Best Cat Litter: Advanced Natural – Review (#FreeProductReceived)

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I am excited to share with you news from World’s Best Cat Litter: their family of litter formulas has expanded and they now offer 6 natural litter choices! That’s right- six!  This newest formula isn’t just an expansion of their corn based line – Its a completely new line called Advanced Naturals. This new litter is made with a special blend of naturally absorbent plant fibers, that promises powerful odor control and smaller, tighter clumps. And because it contains 100% natural and renewable ingredients and no airborne silica dust, it’s safe for pets, people and the planet.  Advanced Naturals is available in fresh scent as well as a pine blend.  Because I am a World’s Best Cat Litter CATvocate they let me try out this new litter for free, for review purposes in the PineScent.

I decided to put the World’s Best Cat Litter: Advanced Natural to the test in Jewel’s favorite litter box.  As soon as I finished cleaning out the box, and adding the new litter, Oliver came over and did his business in the box! He seemed to like how soft the litter felt.  I noticed that when the cats are covering their business in that box, it is much quieter than compared to when they are using other litter brands.

Oliver testing out World's Best Cat Litter: Advanced Naturals #Sponsored

Oliver testing out World’s Best Cat Litter: Advanced Naturals

Jewel hasn’t been using the box with the World’s Best Cat Litter: Advanced Natural as much as she did when it was original World’s Best Cat Litter.  The plant fibers in the Advanced Naturals must feel different on her paws than the corn in the other World’s Best Litter.  Advanced Natural clumping cat litter contains natural starches and fibers that are capable of absorbing large amounts of liquid in small easy-to-scoop clumps. This litter does clump tighter than the original World’s Best Cat Litter, and it controls odors just as well.

World’s Best Cat Litter: Advanced Natural -  Review  #Sponsored

If you are looking for a natural alternative to  clay based litters, that still offer clumping formulas, I highly recommend any of the World’s Best Cat Litters! The Advanced Formula should be arriving in exclusively in Petco and Independent pet stores over the next few weeks and is available in 6 lb, 12 lb and 24 lb bags.


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5 thoughts on “World’s Best Cat Litter: Advanced Natural – Review (#FreeProductReceived)

  1. Michael Lambert

    We have been debating whether to try this or not. Wasn’t sure how well it worked. Thank you for the review.

  2. Christina Strapp

    I have been looking for a natural cat litter that works. I have been wanting to try this, but wasn’t sure it was worth it. Now I will be giving it a try thanks to your review 🙂

  3. Cindy

    I certainly wouldn’t recommend the world best Lavender. Lavender, and most other essential oils are extremely toxic to cats as breathing it causes it to build up in their livers. I have asked World’s Best why in the world they would offer such a thing and their customer service people don’t even answer. That’s an admission of guilt. I’m a nurse and I use scientific studies as my resource. Only one study was done, but that’s enough for me. Other than that, Worlds Best is the Best. I just hate that they put profits over cat health, by offering Lavender.

    1. Diane W Post author

      I did read on their FAQ :
      Is the oil/fragrance going to hurt my cat or dog, if ingested?
      No. The level of oil/fragrance is extremely low, just enough to keep your room smelling fresh, but not enough to cause any harm to your pets. As with any litter, if your pet shows an adverse reaction or begins to eat the litter repeatedly, please discontinue use immediately.

      However, since your comment, I have been reading up and some people say it depends on the quality of the Lavender oil, some say it is fine and will help the cat relax, and some people say avoid lavender scented anything in your home at all costs. I personally, would just avoid lavender scented things in a home with cats, since there seems to be no definitive answer out there – I just wouldn’t want to risk it.


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