Introducing New Fresh Step Extreme Lightweight Litter

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Introducing New Fresh Step Extreme Lightweight Litter—the best lightweight litter for odor elimination. Guaranteed! We got to try Fresh Step Extreme Lightweight Litter for free for review purposes.

Some features of Fresh Step Extreme Lightweight Litter are:

  • 30% lighter!
  • Stronger Odor Control vs. Other Lightweight Litters
  • Activated carbon traps and eliminates urine & feces odors
  • Antimicrobial agent fights odor-causing bacteria
  • Easier to lift, carry and pour!
  • Available nationally September 2014.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen the package arrived Oliver was THRILLED that they included a feather wand toy.  When we first found him outside as a stray, he was chasing all the birds at our bird feeder.  To give him the same sense of “hunting” now that he is an “indoor only” cat, we often buy feather toys, or toys that sing ling birds.  This feather toy had a little weight attached to the feather which made it react a little different than other feather toys and Oliver seemed to love it!Oliver Playing with Feather

Sometimes I will come into the room and find him playing with it all by himself – he just drags it around and swats at the feather!  The other cats enjoy playing with it too, but if he sees them playing with it, he takes over because he is faster.

Back to the litter! It is noticeably lighter which is a great thing, especially if you keep your litter boxes in the basement like me.  Lugging full containers of regular litter down stairs can be heavy!  When I poured the litter into a clean box, it was dusty but, not any more so than other brand litters we have tried.  I think “lightweight” litters can be a little dustier sometimes just because they are lighter, and the particles move around a little easier. Fresh Step actually addresses dust in their FAQ section of their website:

The litter I purchased seems dusty. Is it okay to use?

While we take a number of precautions to minimize dust in our cat litter products, once the product leaves our warehouses we cannot control the handling or storage methods used by others. Rough handling could further break up the clay particles and contribute to dust problems. Some packages may seem dustier than others. Both are fine to use.  (

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The box I received was scented and when I first poured it in, it was very strong but the cats haven’t seemed to mind. As the days went out the scent faded a little, and now I only notice it when I am scooping up the litter. What is worth mentioning is that I didn’t smell the dirty litter.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Jewel has been having some issues lately which you might have seen us posting about on our facebook. She has lost over a pound in the last year and is always hungry so we have been trying different brands of senior wet food to see what works best. Her blood work and kidney function tests are thankfully “normal”. While we were trying different foods, Jewel who normally had no digestive issues with new foods, began having some loose stools. She never missed the litter box, but would refuse to cover her mess. We (including the other cats) would just go cover it with some litter for her and it would trap in the odor. After it hardened we would scoop it like normal. This litter has done a great job at eliminating both urine AND feces odor!

Fresh Step Extreme Lightweight Litter will be available nationwide this September, so be on the look out for it! If you try it, let us know your thoughts!

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54 thoughts on “Introducing New Fresh Step Extreme Lightweight Litter

  1. thelemondaisy

    I get my litter (scoop away) from costco b/c it is so much cheaper and does an awesome job. I may have to try this.

    I’d like to add that I also got a litterbox which has antimicrobial agents embedded into the litter box. This has also helped to keep the litter very low smell. My biggest problem is that Scooter (like your Jewel) is quite proud of the poops and doesn’t like to cover them. Other than that, it’s very low smelling.

  2. deede chaney

    i am in need of a lighter weight cat litter. didn’t give it a second thought until i had back surgery recently.

  3. Terry Bellender

    I live in a very rural area and we have a store called Walmart and we are far behind in the new product lines and I have yet to be able to find this litter! I really want to try this product.


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