Handling Stress: How Your Dog Can Help Calm You Down

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Handling Stress How Your Dog Can Help Calm You DownGuest Author

We all experience stress at some time in our life. Maybe it has something to do with a personal situation, or maybe it has to do with work. No matter what causes it, stress can cause many health problems, including obesity, hair loss, heart disease, headaches, depression and gastrointestinal issues.

Some people have their own way of dealing with stress. Maybe they take medication, or maybe they do yoga. Everyone has his or her own unique way of combating stress.

One way that you can easily calm your stress levels is through your dog.  The following are  ways that your dog can help you de-stress.

Pet Them

Petting a dog is one simple way to help to calm your nerves. In fact, aUK study showed that 55% of people claimed to feel more relaxed after spending time petting their dog, so if you’re in need of a quick de-stressor, call Fido over and give him a nice rub. Not only will it make you feel better, but your dog will also love it too.

Be With Them

Along with petting your dog, studies have also found that simply being around your dog can make you happier and decrease stress. There is something about a dog’s energetic and happy demeanor that seems to be contagious to their owners, and many find that simply hanging out with their dog for a while will make them happier and less stressed than they were before. So make sure you schedule more one-on-one time with your pet in order to keep your stress levels down.

Walk With Them

Exercise is a known stress reliever, and there’s no better walking pal than your dog. When you walk with your dog, you’re getting exercise, which can help ease your stress. Plus, if you walk alone, you will be able to simply spend time with your dog and work through all your issues during your walk without being distracted by other people or other conversations. You will feel better, and your dog will relish the exercise, fresh air and new sights and smells.

Run With Them

If you enjoy running (or simply want to start), it can be a great way to relieve stress. In order to push you to run farther or provide you with some running support, bring your dog with on your next run. Not only will they keep you company, but they also may make you laugh along the way, which is exactly what you need to calm down your nerves and feel much better.

Talk It Out

Some people try to talk about their problems or issues with other people, but everyone tends to be biased. Sometimes you need someone to simply listen to you without offering his or her input or advice. Your dog can do this. If you simply want to vent your frustrations or talk about your day without having to listen to someone else tell you what they think, talk to your dog. They will be able to listen to you and let you vent out all your stress, and you will feel much better in the end.


Jennifer Koscielski is an animal lover and avid writer who enjoys writing about anything from excellent dog training equipment to fun ways to incorporate your dog into your life and passions.

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