How To Make Flea Bites Go Away

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Guest_Author_TopHow to make flea bites go away

Fleas are the most common phenomenon which can be seen in every household having pets. However fleas not only bite your pets, but they bite people too. A small, red, hard formation of itching spot is the typical human reaction to flea bite. Often some bleeding also occurs if the bitten area is scratched, one can clearly see a puncture point caused by the flea in the centre of each such spot. Commonly flea bites occur on the ankles and legs causing different reactions to different people.
Now the question is how to take care of flea bites on human? So before consulting your doctor to seek flea bite treatment, here are ready to follow preventive measures to make flea bites go away forever.

  • First of all it is essential to keep the bitten area hygienic (clean). Use some antiseptic cream or lotion to wash the bitten area but do not use mild water as this may excite itching on the affected area.
  • To evade or reduce swellings apply any cold, medicated cream.
  • One of the foremost point to note, do not scratch the inflamed area as this may cause a wound in the affected area and make it prone to further infections.
  • In case the bitten area becomes red and swollen, do not panic and apply a cold steroid cream (1 % hydrocortisone cream). One can easily purchase it from a local pharmacy store without showing any prescription. This cream reduces inflammation quickly; calamine lotion can also do the substitute job for this cream.
  • On some occasions, the irritation caused by the flea bites becomes very severe. To reduce itching in such circumstances, an oral dosage of anti-histamine (for example- Dimetapp, Chlorphenamine) can immediately soothe the itching.

All these home treatments can be very effective in the treatment of flea bites within a couple of days, however; if situation still remains the same (red and swollen) then one has to consult a doctor and follow the prescribed course of medication to get well shortly.

To conclude the entire topic flea bites can readily run away if one understands above mentioned recommendations. As the proverb says “prevention is better than cure” therefore if one wants to get rid of fleas from their homes, then one needs to keep their pets clean and healthy.

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  1. jackie doran

    please can you help, I have been eaten alive by flees, I have used smoke boms & sprays, but I need something to stop the itching, please please can you help?


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