Most Important Safety Devices at Home for Your Pet

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Leashes, collars, and safety gates are among the most important devices you can use at home for your pet. Micro ID rescue collars are great dog retrieval innovations that save you the hassle and worry of looking for a pet dog that has gone astray. A leash of standard length is among the basic things you’d need to get for your pup. Even if you’re peacefully walking your dog, something in your path, like another dog, may excite your pooch and cause it to growl or scamper, making a leash a good form of control mechanism.

Collars and leashes are important devices that come in handy when training your dog. There are control-type leashes made of nylon or leather as well as extendable or retractable types. The latter is not preferred by some dog trainers, though. Dog collars likewise come in various types. It’s important to get your dog a collar that’s just the right size and fit. There are also innovations like a lightweight puppy bumper that resembles a pillow, which is slipped over a pup’s head and serves as stopper to prevent the creature from slipping through the gaps of a railing or fence.

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Meantime, if you’re driving someplace to pick up supplies or run errands and want to take your dog with you, strap up you canine friend using a safety harness at the back of the car. Some types can be easily attached to a vehicle seat belt, and offer doggie comfort through fully-padded features like a mini vest with breathable fabric liner.

When you want to finish chores like doing the laundry, cooking, or attending to a child, set up pet safety gates that can be placed in openings to places where you don’t want your pooch to wander into. There are many different kinds of pet safety gates, and the recommended ones include those that won’t be easily topped by an energetic or bouncy, easily excitable dog.

Opt for easy-to-install pet safety gates that use tension knobs that fit securely in your doorway, and which have efficient locking system. Some of these pet gates can swing in both directions and can be operated by masters of the house using one hand when passing through. Some dog gates look like functional and attractive furniture pieces rather than typical pet safety gates.

A dog containment system can keep your pooches safe while you attend to important tasks. Try to limit the amount of time you confine your pets, though, as they may become restless.

Other pet safety devices are a battery-operated tracking device, which is ideal for individuals with big homes and pets who love roaming around. Your canine safety devices and gear should also include a vest which can be used for obedience training and is suited for a dog with a big build and requires constant cajoling and pushing. Dogs that bark non-stop may also be bought a muzzle or a citronella anti-barking collar.

Whatever device you’re thinking of purchasing and using on your pet – a collar, anti-barking device, harness, pet containment system, ensure that it is well-made and won’t hurt or cause discomfort to your pet in any manner. Read product labels and instructions on how to use devices correctly and safely.

Post written by Philippe Allaire, a French writer from Edmonton, Canada. Whats a clear pet gate ? One that you can see exactly whats going on the other side at all times … and they can be found at


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