A New Site To Sell Your Unwanted Items

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StepsforMusicMagPieWe are always looking for ways to earn a little extra cash, whether it is selling some of our stuff on eBay, opening an etsy.com shop or using online cash  back rewards programs.  I just found another great website that helps you earn cash by selling your unwanted, CD’s, DVD’s and games (AD)!

It is called MusicMagpie.com. You just type in the number below the barcode on your items into their Valuation Engine and they will give you an instant price of what you can get for your item.

Their mission is to help their customers sell their unwanted items quickly and easily, and help them make a little extra money in the process.   They even let you ship your unwanted items to them for free! To make it easy, you can pack everything can go in one box (as long as it is under 200 items). They even will give you a FREE shipping label for either UPS or USPS (your choice).

When MusicMagpie receives your items they quickly will process your items through their quality assurance program. For all DVDs, CDs, or Games, the discs must be in a perfect playing condition and it must have all the original artwork, covers and booklets. The case must be structurally sound although they might accept it may have some blemishes incurred during day-to-day use.  Once done, they will mail you a check to the address you registered with.

I decided to just quickly check some items I had lying around the house.  I tried my Sick Puppies CD, A Xbox 360 Game, and a DVD set and here were the results:MusicMagPie Example

Is selling these items going to make me rich? No, but  they aren’t doing me any good just sitting around taking up space either – I might as well get some CASH for my items!  These are just 3 things I found right away, I didn’t even go downstairs where most of the Movies/Games are. We generally don’t buy a lot of movies, but I know some of you buy all the hot movies as soon as they are released! I’m sure you don’t watch some of the movies anymore – so why not get some money for them? And what about all you gamers? If you are anything like Tony, once you beat a game, you don’t play it anymore. Even if you don’t beat it, you just get bored of it after a while.  Instead of them collecting dust in a drawer or on a shelf, you should sell them and make some money!

 They also have apps for your mobile devices:

If you’re an Apple fan – check out the iPhone, iPad and iPod App!
If you’re an Android addict – check out their Android App!

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