Optimize Your Website For Pinterest

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Pinterest is the fastest growing, and third most popular social networking website after Twitter and Facebook, and there are ways to use it to bring more traffic to your website. If you are in the retail business, food or travel, Pinterest is especially relevant to you. A picture is worth 1000 words so make sure that the photos speak of your products, and are captivating.

Get The Button
Add the Pin It button to product pages so that people who like your products can share the images and links on their boards. Pinterest is more about lifestyle than about products so an image of a nice car is less likely to be pinned than one of the same car parked beside a lake with tents and friends laughing around a campfire.

Your Brand On Pinterest
Spend some time completing your profile and strategically coming up with clever titles for your boards.  Using common keywords in the board titles and the pin descriptions will make them easier to find in searches. Always categorize your boards as this also helps make them more visible.

This is a social network so you have to go beyond your own page and comment, like, and repin. This takes some time and effort, but you have to balance your need with like contribution to the community. Engage other users with an @mention which will cc them on a pin that you think may interest them. This tells people you are paying attention to their boards. Pin for your target market but don’t just pin your own products. Find things that your customers will find interesting, yet don’t compete directly with you.

You can link Pinterest to Facebook and Twitter so that your pins, repins and likes appear on your Facebook timeline. Facebook has become so saturated that even when we “like” a company, we don’t often bother to add them to our customized news feed. I’m sure that most of my posts from my Facebook business page never make it to their intended audience. Pinterest is different. As an avid internet shopper, I can attest to the fact that I do follow several companies, I do click through to their sites, and I have made purchases.

Analyze This
There are sites dedicated to analyzing Pinterest activity, like www.pinreach.com and you can use them to figure out if your efforts are paying off. People can pin and like images without ever leaving Pinterest so you need to figure out if your pins are driving any traffic back to your website. Customers are still the end game!

Pinterest Is Not An SEO Miracle Worker
Because Pinterest went nofollow earlier this year, search engines don’t count all of the links back to your page. Links in the description of the pin appear to still be dofollow. However, it is still a great way to get your brand out there and build targeted connections with potential customers. Pinterest provides an enormous audience, it’s up to you to get their attention and hold their interest.

Travis Lee is a marketing expert and keyword strategy specialist who often works with other SEO professionals to aid in keyword analysis for their SEO campaign.

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