5 Tips To Get A Great Photograph Of Your Pet

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Sleepy Cat Pet Photo

Getting a great photo of a pet is a bit like getting a fantastic picture of a baby, it never ceases to create a never-ending string of cooing and approving ‘ahs’. However, also similar to babies is the fact that pets are pretty difficult subjects to photograph, mainly due to the fact that, like babies, pets can’t understand what we are saying.
If you are determined to get a great photo of your pet, then take a look at the following ways that may prove fruitful in achieving this somewhat difficult task.

  1. Trick your pet to being the perfect model with a treat
    Treats work wonders with pets, including getting them to behave like a model. Allow your pet to see and smell the treat so that he/she gets excited. Then tap the treat on top of the camera so that your furry friend looks up at the lens, and you take the photo.
  2. Use a colourful background
    There is nothing quite as cute as a fluffy white kitten or a jet-black Retriever set against a colourful background. This professional looking touch can be achieved fairly easily by putting a colourful blanket behind them – Now the only difficult part is getting your pet to keep still!
  3.  Make your pet ‘smile’!
    Okay so you can’t exactly make a pet smile but you can make it look like your pet is smiling, well at least a dog anyway. If you are photographing your dog then take it for a quick run around the park prior to taking the photos. Snap away as soon as you get back and not only should your dog be so exhausted that he or she sits down and sits still (for once), but he/she will also be panting, which can be deceptively similar to a doggy smile!
  4. Avoid using the flash
    When photographing your pet try to refrain from using the flash as the bright light from the flash can often frighten animals and ensure that you don’t get the picture you are after.
  5. Go candid
    Instead of waiting patiently until your pet behaves the way you want them to in front of the camera, why not take some candid shots of your furry friend. Candid shots often make the best photos and none more so than animals engrossed in chasing their own tails, bounding back to you with a stick in their mouths, or simply dozing in front of the fire.

Claire Holloway wrote this article on behalf of sarahspetportraits.co.uk

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7 thoughts on “5 Tips To Get A Great Photograph Of Your Pet

  1. Janice

    Great tips. I would also say to take photos outside or next to a large window/patio door as indoors is surprisingly dark and the pictures will turn out grainy without a flash

    1. Diane

      Mine especially do! We have lots of birds, and even a hawk that hangs out near our house! They are always in the window


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