The Best Dogs to Protect Your Family

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The Best Dogs To Protect Your FamilyIt’s almost impossible to list all the various dog breeds available. Not only are there so many specific bloodlines, but they also come in so many sizes. Some people prefer little dogs like a French Bulldog or a Boston Terrier, while others only consider something like a Bullmastiff to be a “real dog.” Every one has a different reason they want a dog. However, let’s assume that you’re looking for a dog that is the perfect family dog. Whether you’re looking for Bulldog or Bully Pit Bull puppies for sale, you need to take a couple things into consideration. Not only does it have to be affable and friendly toward children, it needs to be capable of protecting you should such a situation arise.


Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat. The breeds about to be listed are misunderstood. Yes they are strong and on the bigger side. But they all are known for having great personalities if raised by people who are interested in fostering great personalities in their dogs. Quite simply, if a dog isn’t mistreated and abused into being violent or a fight dog, it most likely won’t grow up to be one. With that said, here are a few breeds that can be scary when they need to be, but make great pals all the time.


German Shepherd

German Shepard

There’s a reason why German Shepherds are pretty much the only breed chosen to be police and army dogs. They are extremely intelligent, strong, fast, and can be trained to be relentless. Anyone who owns one, though, can tell you they’re pretty laid back when not in their trained defense mode. They’re quite fun and even goofy when just relaxing around the house.


Pit Bull



Now we enter into some controversy. Yes, Pit Bulls have a bad reputation. Yes, it’s unwarranted if they come from a good family. There are also many different kinds of Pit Bulls. You need to do your research in order to differentiate the breeds and see which one suits you. If you’re looking for Bully Pit Bull puppies for sale, understand you’re going to get a big hulking dog. They are the stereotypical muscle dogs with the big square heads. They are loyal, tough, and obedient. They also take some time to socialize. They will love your family, but may not take well to strangers.






Here’s a dog that was bred to protect. Originally cattle protecting dogs, Rottweilers have moved on since then to be family pets that are very defensive of what they consider to be their pack: you and your family. They also perform a wide variety of jobs in the emergency services field, including search and rescue. They are very loyal and muscular.


Each of these breeds would make a great family pet because of their loyal personalities, tough builds, and reputations. It doesn’t hurt for intruders to be scared upon sight, especially if your dog is a sweetheart. The less an intruder knows, the better. Find puppies in your area today so you know that they are being raised right and develop the personalities you want in a family pet.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Dogs to Protect Your Family

  1. Shelly

    Although these are considered the best to protect your family, have you ever thought about the fact that these might pose the biggest danger to your family as well? All three of these are considered to be some of the deadliest dog breeds in the worlds because they have caused some of the largest numbers of fatalities and casualties. And, while I know that not all of them are like that, and I too agree that large dogs should not be stereotyped, I’m still not sure if I would trust them around my young children.

    1. Diane W

      My cousin got a male pit bull as a puppy, never had him neutered and he grew up along side her son. They eventually had to move into my parents house after they lost their house, because understandably no apartments would allow a pit bull. I was terrified the first time I visited my parents after they moved in. The dog came right up to my bed and pounced so i took off running. My fiance was like its ok its ok. The dog had crawled under the blankets and was laying on his back with his head on the pillow waiting for a belly rub. He was a total mush, but would destroy any birds or squirels he caught in our yard. I think if you are going to own one of the breeds listed above, you should have to take a few classes on how to properly train and care for them – especially with children in the home.

  2. Angela

    I love this article. While finding a quality family pet is important, having one that can protect you and your family should the occasion arise is something that’s extremely important to me personally. Having been robbed by an unarmed burglar a few years back I now own a Bully not only to keep me company but too protect my home when I’m there or not. I can’t imagine any thief being comfortable trying to get past my big and muscular American Bully Pitbull.
    As far as knowing which bully to get I made sure to visit a reputable breeder who was able to show me my dogs ancestry and explain which characteristics and traits my puppy should be expected to show based on history of the bloodline, helping me ensure the dog I got would be best for what I needed him for.
    All I know is that I couldn’t have been any happier when i found a reliable breeder with

  3. mary

    I have rescued for many years and plenty of pitbulls. I found that the ones that were abused or used for fighting along with the inbred pits take a lot of love time and patience. I have rescued many pit mixes also and the black lab pits(I have one now)are in my opinion good dogs. Mine is a huge loving dog. He’s very protective and great with cats. You just have to know where your pit comes from if you can and they must always understand that you are the boss not them. .


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